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Trump to Prevent White House Aides from Testifying Before Congress

Not sure why President Trump gives interviews to the Washington Post, which is relentlessly biased against him. But, he does. I guess he knows it’s a good way to get his message directly to the Democrats who read it.

In an interview with several of the paper’s reporters, Trump made clear that he is not going to be sending his aides to talk to Congress about things they already told Robert Mueller.

I don’t know what he can do legally. Some argue that he has revoked his “executive privilege” right by allowing these people to talk to Mueller. Since they did, they therefore should be able to talk to anyone.

But I do know what Democrats are up to. They want to basically create live videotapes of the testimony given to Mueller and generate “moments” in which White House aides are forced to make statements harmful to Trump. And then they want to make political advertisements out of the footage.

According to the Post:

President Trump on Tuesday said he is opposed to current and former White House aides providing testimony to congressional panels in the wake of the special counsel report, intensifying a power struggle between his administration and House Democrats.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump said that complying with congressional requests was unnecessary after the White House cooperated with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe of Russian interference and the president’s own conduct in office.

“There is no reason to go any further, and especially in Congress where it’s very partisan — obviously very partisan,” Trump said.

Trump’s comments came as the White House made it clear that it plans to broadly defy requests for information from Capitol Hill, moving the two branches of government closer to a constitutional collision.

On Tuesday, two White House officials said the administration plans to fight a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee for former White House counsel Donald McGahn by asserting executive privilege over his testimony.

Separately, the administration directed a former White House official not to comply with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee, prompting the panel to move to hold him in contempt of Congress. And the Treasury Department defied a second demand from House Democrats to turn over six years of President Trump’s tax returns.

Taken together, the moves mark a dramatic escalation of tensions between the president and congressional Democrats — deepening a fight that may ultimately be resolved only by a protracted court battle.

6 Responses to Trump to Prevent White House Aides from Testifying Before Congress

  1. Re: Trump going to the Post.

    Bernie did his Townhall on Fox. He drew twice the audience than if he had gone to CNN.

    Maybe some Independents read the Post?

  2. The Dems are desperate to get back into control. They were so close with their gracious allowing the of the coronation of Queen Hillary.

    They want to hide what they did during the Obama administration.

    The hateful campaign against Trump is working. I know many people who refuse to hear a word in his defense or an explanation of what is really going on. Such people have with finality wedded their self identity to proudly and loudly hating Trump.

    • And to reply to myself — lol — they seem to have jettisoned their identity as Americans and now are seeking power with the agenda of wiping away all government and law that prevents them putting themselves in power permanently.

      Am I crazy to suspect this?

      • Nope, you’re not crazy – just the other day, Bernie said the Boston Marathon bomber should have the right to vote while in prison.

        Law and order doesn’t matter to the Dems…only regaining power.