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McCain’s Family to Support Biden for President

This is why so many conservatives disliked John McCain. Because despite all the high talk about principles, John McCain was about John McCain.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The late Sen. John McCain’s family plans to support former Vice President Joe Biden’s White House bid, backing the Democrat not only in his party’s crowded primary race but also in a general election matchup with President Trump, the Washington Examiner has learned.

In an extraordinary snub to Trump, who derided McCain’s Vietnam War service and mocked him even after his death last August at age 81, the McCain family is preparing to break with the Republican Party. McCain represented the party in Congress for 35 years and was chosen as its presidential nominee in 2008, losing to Barack Obama.

Sources close to both Biden’s presidential campaign and the McCains said that at some point during the White House race, McCain’s widow Cindy, 64, and daughter Meghan, 34, a host on “The View,” will offer their public support in the hope of removing Trump from office in 2020.

A former McCain campaign official with close ties to he family said support for Biden was a given, but they needed to calculate how they could best help the former vice president. Both Cindy and Meghan McCain remain Republicans, and one consideration is whether endorsing Biden in the Democratic primary could do him more harm than good. “It’s undeniable that Joe Biden and the McCain family have a very close, personal relationship. It’s about what’s good for him [Biden].”

11 thoughts on “McCain’s Family to Support Biden for President”

  1. Obvious move on the part of the McCiain family. He was more inclined to support Obam. Remember, the msm loved him while supporting him for the Primary, but then did an immediate turnaround, when he became the R nominee.

  2. McCain was not a Republican, he was a RINO, his wife and daughter were never Republicans. Cindy and Meghan would rather support creepy Uncle Joe, and stick it to millions of us who voted for Trump. The country is immensely better off economically than when Obama/Biden were in charge, but that doesn’t matter to the shameless McCains.

  3. The press liked McCain when he was a “maverick” i.e. voted with Democrats. When he actually ran for President – not so much.

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