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Bernie Sanders: Israel Run by a “Right Wing . . . Racist Government”

So therefore, ergo, the Israelis who just elected him are a bunch of racists as well.

The Israelis are surrounded by people who do not merely want their own state, but who want to destroy Israel. That’s why they have, now five times, voted in a man, Benuamin Netanyahu, with a sober view of the situation.

Incredible to me as a Jew that the most dangerous thing for Israel would the election of first Jewish president, in the form of Bernie Sanders.

7 Responses to Bernie Sanders: Israel Run by a “Right Wing . . . Racist Government”

  1. Racist? Just what “race” is ol’ Bernie referring to – Arabs? If my history is correct, ancient Jews were (and still are today) also Arabs.
    So, that leaves Asians and Blacks as an opposite “race” of most Israeli citizens.
    Since there doesn’t seem to be anyone thwarting attempts of Asians or Blacks to live in Israel, the whole racist charge is ridiculous.

    • Poor old Dems – their only response ever is to cry “Racist!” at everything that moves. This should make them vulnerable to excessive bouts of hysterical giggles at them … but doesn’t now in 2019.
      Only consolation is that most people just shrug, shake their heads and pity them. You can’t win a war on just one defense.

  2. Bernie is not a truly Jewish, if he was he would Love & Support Israel… He is just a typical liberal angry self-hating American “Jew”

  3. For a guy tossed out of a Vermont commune in the 60’s for being a lazy shit, he’s done pretty well as a reborn socialist millionaire with three homes.

    Honeymoon in Moscow in the 80’s? You can’t make this stuff up.

    What a fraud.

    Self hating Jew is the least of his issues.

    • And let’s not forget Bernie praising his role model the Marxist murderer Fidel Castro at the height of Castro’s crimes against the Cuban people.

      And, of course, we remember when Bernie bragged about traveling to Nicaragua to advise the dictator Ortega’s regime on how to successfully fight the United States.

      Bernie is a certified whackjob 1960’s-era Marxist propagandist of the first magnitude. Lots of young people went through that foolishness in the 1960’s, but eventually grew up. Bernie never grew up.