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Video || Ivanka Trump Visits the Ivory Coast

Ivanka Trump went to Africa to promote women’s rights and women in business. Of course, no one reported it.

One of the things I noticed about this White House video of her trip is that it is so much less about Ivanka and so much more about the people of the Ivory Coast, who are featured in the clip.

This would never happen in Obamaworld. Contrast what you see above with a similar White House-produced video about a Michelle Obama visit to South Africa.

Just about every frame includes you-know-who.

3 Responses to Video || Ivanka Trump Visits the Ivory Coast

  1. Also notice that in the second video is a fellow named Trooper Sanders(yes, that really is his name) who is listed as the “Deputy Policy Director to the First Lady.” Since when did the First Lady MAKE policy? Prior First Ladies advocated for certain policies and causes but Michael was the first one to propose laws and get them enacted. The disastrous “Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act” is only one example.

    Other things to point out:
    Sasha and Malia were listed as “Senior Staff.” Her mother, niece, and nephew also went on the trip which cost the taxpayers a whopping $424,142 for aircraft costs alone. That doesn’t include other expenses – meals (off the plane), transportation, security, various services, etc.

    You better believe if Ivanka brought her kids, had excessive costs related to the trip, etc. the press would be all over her.

  2. What? The Ivory Coast!
    All she needs to do is go to Minneapolis and talk to the oppressed, abused, women of the Islam faith who live there and are supposedly Americans.
    Heck, go to visit the Muslim congresswoman who is afraid to show her hair in public or the one who wants to wear a black gunny sack there. Maybe she can convince them that freeing women of their faith that oppresses all women is a higher calling than wishing Jews and Christians to die.

  3. Looks like I missed this Ivanka story.

    I was busy being an “Easter Worshipper” yesterday, but Im pretty sure our first Muslim President, Obummer, knows all about the oppressed women of Islam in Minneapolis.