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Trump Moves to Isolate Iran’s Terrorist Regime

This is why Republican voters selected Donald Trump instead of Marco Rubio, Jeb, and the rest of them. Voters understood that there was a toughness and a commitment to the man that none of the others had.

Such strengths were desperately needed in a nation drifting from its traditional moorings and facing an increasingly dangerous world that Barack Obama had sought to accommodate.

According to Josh Rogin, writing in the Washington Post:

About one year after the United States decided to leave the Iran nuclear deal, the State Department is set to announce that all countries will have to completely end their imports of Iranian oil or be subject to U.S. sanctions. This is an escalation of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign, which seeks to force Tehran to end its illicit behavior around the world.

Iran has been treated like a “rogue” nation where “moderate” elements in the regime need to be “encouraged.”

What it is, is a nation of good people governed by a group of well-armed, well-financed fanatics who have killed many American troops through their proxies and are spreading terror and their malign influence throughout the region.

Trump is at least determined to cut off the financing and end the charade that Iran has agreed to give up its nuclear weapons. According to Rogin, the president is having an effect:

There are some signs the pressure is having an effect. Iran has been unable to deliver oil to Syria since January due to international enforcement of the sanctions, the Wall Street Journal reported last month, which has increased pressure on the regime of Bashar al-Assad. In March, Pompeo pointed to Hezbollah’s reported cash shortages as additional evidence that Iran’s coffers were being squeezed, with positive results for regional security.

It’s unlikely the Iranian regime will ever sit down with the Trump administration to negotiate a better deal or fundamentally change its behavior. Starting next month, though, it will at least have less oil money to spread terrorism and mischief around the Middle East and the world.

Everyone knows that Jeb and Marco would be negotiating with these people and refusing to “risk” angering our allies, who think only of cheap Iranian oil and not the larger, long-term, strategic perspective.

Trump, schooled in the rough and tumble, Darwinian world of New York business, understands people and motivations much better than he is given credit for. I’m sure he gets the mullahs better than many in academia and the bureaucracy who have spent a lifetime studying them.

They are a threat that must be defeated. Maybe Trump can do it.

2 Responses to Trump Moves to Isolate Iran’s Terrorist Regime

  1. We wouldn’t be in this mess if Bob Corker hadn’t done some legislative sleight-of-hand. He turned the Constitution on its head. Instead of requiring a 2/3 vote on a treaty he reversed it. It would take 34 votes to APPROVE the deal.

    And the Republican Elites wonder why their base has left the party and is fervently Pro-Trump.

  2. “They are a threat that must be defeated. Maybe Trump can do it.”

    Short of an all out attack on Iran it seems the only way to achieve regime change in that country is through their own people. Maybe Trump can negotiate that!

    That means the President and a GOP Congress supporting financially and militarily (no American troops on the ground, proxies perhaps) an uprising.

    Support that the Muslim Obama failed to deliever in ANY manner to the opposition protesters that have popped up over the last decade. In fact Obama’s gift of billions to the despots leading Iran have helped the regime crack down.

    It is not like our spies don’t have experience formenting regime change…… Maybe the new Trump intelligence people are better than earlier generations. I sure hope.