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Trump Takes Aim at Ilhan Omar with Dramatic 9/11 video

A pretty searing video that will go very viral.

15 Responses to Trump Takes Aim at Ilhan Omar with Dramatic 9/11 video

  1. Omar has got to go. I do not understand how on earth this thing got elected. She is a vile America hating, racist. There is no place in this country for her or anyone like her.
    If the Democrats don’t ditch her and her sister Tlaib and her other sister O’Crasio they are going to lose bigly in 2020.

  2. MrTrump is not just the POTUS, but a native New Yorker who might have lost someone he knew in the 9/11 massacre or at the least, considered the attack as an outrage to never be forgotten.
    This is personal for him, and for the millions of other NewYorkers who vividly remember that day and the days that followed.

    • You don’t have to be from New York, DC or PA for 9/11 to be personal. I worked with a company that did business with several firms in the Towers, I spoke with many victims on the phone monthly when taking supply orders. September 11th was personal to all Americans, and it always will be. Never forgive, never forget.

      • You don’t even have to be an American for 9/11 to be forever remembered as one of the worst, most horrifying days ever. I was working in Toronto then, in Canada’s financial heart, surrounded by towering head offices of major Canadian banks and the Toronto Stock Exchange. My co-workers and I watched, horrified, at the destruction unfolding in New York. Our hearts were with the people of the United States on that awful day.

  3. Out country took her in from the shithole called Somalia.

    When she wakes up every morning her first act should be to kiss the ground under her.

    • I don’t understand why she has a foreign accent. She came here as a child. I can only guess that she has lived an insular life among the Somali Muslim “refugee” community here in the U.S. and learned it from the adults who were bilingual.

      • Yes, that’s pretty much the way it happens. We have about 8000-9,000 Somalians in our little city of 35,000 people. The original migrants tend to remain to themselves and integrate into society only as much as they have to function–do their shopping, get a driver’s license etc. Very, very few have actual jobs, and so they are an enormous welfare burden for us.

        The Somali kids born in the US after their parents came here are somewhat more integrated, as you might imagine, because they attend local schools and are impacted by the usual cultural experiences any kid has here. But they still generally prefer to hang out with their own, after all is said and done. The Somali male students prefer to play high school soccer rather than football, hockey or baseball. Among the younger ones (high school age-25 years old) you see and hear of a few who express sentiments like Ilhan Omar (I have two grandsons in high school and this is what they tell me). There have been reports of groups of Somali males in high school sexually harassing non-Somalian female students, but not often. That issue seems to be under control now. In the local police reports in our newspaper, Somalians show up about in proportion to their population here–the usual stuff–drunk driving, spousal abuse, speeding, petty theft.

        Ilhan Omar sounds like one of the more radicalized ones in her Somalian migrant age group.

  4. I’ve been trying to work out why AOC and others have called President Trump’s tweet an “attack” on Omar. He didn’t attack her, he just pointed out how totally uncaring and insulting her remark is to all New Yorkers and all Americans.

    • Frankly, she deserves every last bit of opprobrium that she’s getting, if only for her rank stupidity.

      Omar picking a political fight with a New Yorker over 9/11, is a bit like a lifelong Floridian trying to argue about winter weather with a Minnesotan. It won’t end well, and it makes the Auslander look like an idiot.

    • Freeze it, polarize it, personalize it.

      Alinsky basics.

      You freeze it by locating the issue in that one tweet, you polarize it by exaggerating the content so it becomes a “pro-violence aganst Ilhan versus anti-violence” discussion, you personalize it by blaming it on Trump and demonizing him.

      Then you move on to the next event and do the same. This way you leave behind a population of people with irrational hatred of Trump and all he does and the people who support him.

      Simple Alinsky 101 stuff.

  5. My father was an airline pilot for American Airlines and was based out of Dulles. The plane that hit the Pentagon was an American airlines flight out of Dulles. That could have been him in the cockpit.