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Not So Fast: Democrats May Not Get Trump’s Tax Returns After All

Democrats have spent the entire Trump presidency complaining about alleged abuses of power.

And then, they turn around and demand the man’s tax returns. So, if you to be president – or, by extension, serve the country in any official capacity or even become famous – politicians in Congress can just decide they want to extract your taxes from the bureaucracy and look them over. Especially, you know, if they don’t like you.

Now that’s abuse of power.

Here, according to Politico, is their justification for seeking President Trump’s taxes:

Democrats contend they do have a good policy reason for getting Trump’s returns, saying they have a responsibility to oversee the IRS and want to know how well the agency — which has a policy of auditing every president — is scrutinizing Trump’s returns.

Let’s talk about that. They want to do IRS oversight by looking at how the agency handled one man’s taxes before he became president.

It’s like a doctor saying he wants to check your brain function by examining your toe. Oh, your toe works pretty good, and the brain controls the toe. So your brain must be fine.

That is, this is not IRS oversight, obviously. It’s Trump oversight. It’s a fishing expedition. Or a witch hunt, take your pick.

It’s a toe examination, not a brain scan.

The courts will consider just this kind of thing when they decide whether the Ways and Means Committee actually has the right to Trump’s tax returns under a law that says they “shall” get them. It’s possible they “shall not.”

According to Politico.

A looming legal showdown between Democrats and the White House over lawmakers’ bid to vet President Donald Trump’s tax returns could turn on a single question: Why do Democrats want them?

Motivations will matter because, while Democrats are relying on a statute declaring that the Treasury Secretary “shall” hand over any returns requested by the heads of Congress’ tax committees, the courts have said lawmakers need a legitimate legislative reason for their investigations.

Lawmakers routinely use the law to privately examine the confidential tax returns of companies, for example, to help inform the tax policymaking process. But it’s another thing entirely to seize the president’s returns with plans to release at least some of his confidential tax information to the public.

Determining who is right — if Democrats’ demands are motivated by political animus or if lawmakers are just doing their jobs — will be a key issue as the battle moves into the legal system as expected.

There is no reasonable person who thinks this is about IRS oversight. And now that Trump is appointing them, there are a growing number of reasonable judges.

5 Responses to Not So Fast: Democrats May Not Get Trump’s Tax Returns After All

  1. This is all dust-shuffling panic to take attention away from the fact that the Dems used the DOJ as if it were their privately owned mechanism for spying. They took the neutral structure of our government and made it an arm of the Democratic Party. That is a soft coup.

  2. Political grandstanding and talking points.

    He’s hiding stuff. He owes foreign nationals or financial institutions great amounts of money. He owes his success to the ______ who hold a ‘sword’ over him. He took advantage of every dubious allowed deduction to avoid paying his “fair share” of taxes. He has money invested in foreign banks. Blah Blah Blah.

    Hopefully there are sane and un-prejudiced courts who will not allow this invasion into a man’s private actions to be made into political fodder for those who want to destroy him.

  3. So… in context… and with oversimplification and rough estimates of %….

    40% of Americans will not vote for Trump even if his tax returns show that he gave 100% of his income to a charity — I mean why does he have so much income? Why does he get to decide where the money goes? He is avoiding taxes by helping some crippled children! How dare he not pay his fair share…

    40% of Americans will support Trump if he had a tax shelter partnership of some sort with Lucifer.

    The other 20% are going to see a tax return that is so big and convoluted that they will not find fault. Trump has enough tax people to know how to file a legal return. The things that they end up fighting over will make the average person’s head explode. Carry Forward, Amortization schedules, blah blah blah… but what they will hear is that the tax system is a mess and this is news how?

    Across that is a group of people that know that having the government in your underwear is not ‘Merica….. and Trump will win on this even if he loses and has his private tax return shared…. which.. by the way.. I do not think will happen anyway.

    And when the dust settles… this will only go to further point out the misuse of power by the Obama administration and people of that ilk … and have lots of people in jail… where they belong.

    It will take time….but in the end… it will be worse than Watergate (although CNN, et al will not agree).

  4. So, with Mueller coming up dry; with no legal basis for ongoing congressional fishing expeditions; with Trump’s approval at 53% (and likely to rise); with a booming economy they must ignore, downplay, or run against; with crackpots like Senorita Chequita Guevara damaging their brand; with their former golden boy now staring down three and a half centuries in the slammer; with the SPLC imploding; with public sector unions hemorrhaging members post-Janus; with the Smollett debacle being so nakedly political that it’s too corrupt for Chicago; and with Bob Barr having just put them all on notice that he’s onto them, might the Democrats be in just a teensy-weensy bit of trouble next year?