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What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?

Democrats don’t like this one bit. They and their allies in the media are suddenly recoiling from the notion of investigating someone. Because that someone is suddenly them, or their friends in the Obama administration.

And so they’ve become shrill, attacking Attorney General Barr as a hack whose gone from an honorable public servant to a lackey for President Trump.

And yet, what would Democrats do if the George W. Bush administration, with Dick Cheney lurking darkly in the background, decided to investigate the Obama campaign. And sent people to spy on the campaign, which is what happened to Trump. And requested dozens of “unmaskings” of Americans whose names the intel agencies were never supposed to reveal.

And it turned out THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.

Of course they’d be screaming bloody murder and demanding that Eric Holder get busy to uproot all the corruption of the previous regime.

Barr is doing what an attorney general should do. The Democrats are utter hypocrites. Do they not care about an administration investigating its political opposition.

Barr should follow this as far as it goes. It’s hard to believe Barack Obama did not approve such a contentious act as investigating a candidate for president. We need to know whether Obama knew and what information he had that led him to think such a probe was justifiable.

13 Responses to What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?

  1. President Obama and his “inner circle” have been remarkably quiet during all of this. Hmmmmmmm. There is so much hypocrisy to go around. This is not the narrative they want for the upcoming Presidential Campaign.

    Whomever was involved no matter what side you are on, should be punished severely and shamed publicly.

  2. This began before Trump got the nomination. Are we to believe that the Dems weren’t using gov’t machinery to spy on the OTHER Republican nominees? I bet Trump wasn’t the only one to get this treatment.

    • Absolutely. Since Trump was such an unlikely candidate for the Republican nomination, the Demos had to be looking at others who appeared to have a good chance at challenging Lady Hillary.

  3. Obama was the place-holder, the front man for his administration. Scripted, told where to go and what to do there, teleprompted at every occasion, and left in the dark as others made political and personal moves.

    If he even knew it was going on, odds are he wasn’t consulted before or during the spying. He might have been interested in the findings, but hands-on – no.

    When it became apparent that DJT was a frontrunner in the primaries, the only question the spying could uncover is his real intent – was he really serious about becoming POTUS or was he just a gadfly meant to make life miserable for others he didn’t respect. The Russia thing was an afterthought when Hillary lost and a reasonable explanation had to be found to protect her and everyone else doing things they shouldn’t have been doing.
    GenFlynn walked into the scene when he made contact with his Russian counterpart before DJT was inaugurated – a normal meeting. It was all the Cabal needed to go full scale in it’s Russian hoax to feed the public.

    It worked because the MSM was in it 100% and the goal was to force DJT out of office or at least take back Congress and the Senate.
    It failed, the coup failed, and now everyone involved is exposed. Someone will fall on their sword, someone else will be the scapegoat and the Obamas will continue on with their lives.

  4. No question he knew, instigated and managed. Also no question he’ll be immune.

    IN todays’s America we are not at a place where minorities are held accountable for criminal acts like evil whites. (If Aunt Becky were Black she might still have her Hallmark show).

    If Jessie Subway Sandwich Smollett walks you really think the media won’t throw every last kitchen door at the PROTECT OBAMA LEGACY???

  5. Everyone remembers Rosemary Woods and the 18 minute gap. Nobody remembers Lois Lerner and the missing hard drives. Or Hillary smashing up her phones and using bleach bit to delete her emails (which were official government records to be preserved in the National Archives).