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Ilhan Omar Calls Steven Miller a White Nationalist

Steven Miller, President Trump’s White House immigration czar, is Jewish, which doesn’t make him a perfect fit for white nationalism.

He does, however, have concerns that unlimited immigration, a lot of it illegal, might not be the best thing for the country. But I guess to question whether the culture can absorb one million immigrants a year forever, many of whom are from a single culture, makes you a racist.

I dunno. Democrats used to talk about changing the tone in Washington.

11 Responses to Ilhan Omar Calls Steven Miller a White Nationalist

  1. I have never understood why hateful rhetoric is acceptable from some. This woman is always angry. Always offended. What a terrible way to walk through life.
    She does add to the proof that those requiring the most tolerance provide the least.

  2. Sad sad sad. My husband, sister and family comment often that people are so angry. I just don’t understand how they can be filled with so much hate for everything.

  3. Perhaps someone could point out to the name-calling Dems that people born across an invisible (or fenced) border does not make a new race of humans.
    Most Mexicans are White people with a Spanish background. Others are of native American/Indian/Incan background and they are not Asian, nor are they Negroid, so…..White.
    As for the skin color – they are about the same as my Italian grandfather’s coloring.

    Other than that, Blacks and Asians are welcome in our country, but fakey illegal aliens claiming a new racist thing can just go home where obviously they lived a charmed, free, and prosperous life, but without access to Netflix.