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Democrat Won’t Say the Word “Crisis” When Discussing the Border

This is what President Trump is dealing with. An opposition party that claims to care about conditions at the border but won’t describe them accurately because it doesn’t fit their political narrative.

Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small refused to call the problem a crisis, insisting it was just a “challenge.” Give Willie Geist of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” credit for trying.

Here’s a report from CBS News – hardly a bastion of the right-wing, showing that the border patrol is “overwhelmed” by the influx. That’s the definition of a crisis. As are the photos you will see.

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10 Responses to Democrat Won’t Say the Word “Crisis” When Discussing the Border

  1. What if Trump paced the Demos and agreed with them the ‘current problem at the border is a big “challenge” just like Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small said it was.’

    Would we see liberal heads explode? Would they all rush to change their language so it didn’t match Trump?

  2. It’s not just the word, it’s what it means.
    First that a moronic, racist, demented POTUS will be dealing with a national crisis right before the upcoming elections and get it solved or under control!
    Second, Trump ‘nice day’, Dems ‘horrible day’, Trump ‘blue sky’, Dems ‘storm coming’, you name it, the Dems will check first with Trump and then take the opposite view.

  3. I would like to know why DHS is releasing these illegal aliens in TX or AZ?
    Why aren’t they bused or flown to CA, NY, NJ or IL.