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Democratic Congressman Who Wants Trump’s Tax Returns Won’t Release His Own

It’s an abuse of power that the Congress is asking for an individual’s tax returns for political purposes.

Democratic Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts is dressing up raw political action as some kind of principled oversight. It’s a dangerous precedent.

This is an obvious fishing expedition by the House Ways and Means chairman. It serves to confirm President Trump’s frequent claims that he is the victim of a witch hunt.

Trump is right about one thing. Clearly, the Democrats are not concerned about political backlash from continuing their investigations. Not only does the Democratic leadership want to proceed despite Robert Mueller coming up empty-handed, but they are forced to anyway by their base.

The Democrats will never be satisfied until the day Trump leaves office. It’s a factor of his presidency, and one that distracts him from keeping the country safe and making life here better. Democrats ought to add that to their calculations as they pursue “oversight,” now that a basically independent investigation has finished.

The MSM will continue to participate in this, doubling and tripling down. They too will never get enough of investigating Trump and trying to be the next Woodward and Bernstein. Where was all the investigative reporting into Barack Obama’s background in machine-politics Chicago? Just didn’t seem as exciting to them.

What do they actually think they are going to find in his tax returns? How likely is it that he decided to submit information to the government that could get him indicted? But they know they’ll find information with which they can try to humiliate him.

According to the Washington Times, Neal is not going to be demanding his own tax returns anytime soon:

The Democratic chairman who’s demanding to see President Trump’s tax returns says he’d have no problem releasing his own returns — later.

“Oh, sure — down the road, sure, that’s nothing,” Rep. Richard Neal said Thursday when asked if he would commit to releasing some of his personal returns. “I’ve done that in the past, by the way.” Neal’s office didn’t respond to a question about when that might have been, and a Roll Call survey in 2017 found no record of a previous release of his tax returns.

New England Public Radio also tried to pry loose his tax returns in 2017, asking five separate times for copies. The congressman rebuffed each request.

10 Responses to Democratic Congressman Who Wants Trump’s Tax Returns Won’t Release His Own

  1. Well, there’s these things:
    Ludmilla Putin, Russia, is listed as a dependent.
    Xi Ling Tu, Dubai, is a partner in the Trump Tower.
    Jose Padilla-Marcella, Mexico City, is listed as Trump’s personal “green grocer”.
    16 different people are listed as “child/minor dependents”.
    Dominic Capone, Bronx, is listed as “security”.

  2. If there HAD been anything incriminating, King Barry the Wicked’s foot soldiers in the IRS would have leaked it back in 2016.

    They’ll get nothing, and like it. And when the GOP re-takes the House behind the red wave of 2020, they’ll get joint congressional investigations, and like that, too.

    • I dont trust any House/Senate Republicans to do any serious “investigations” into these evil, hate-filled socialist Democrats.

      For 2 years where were the House/Senate Republicans looking into crooked Hillary-Clinton Foundation overseas deals? or “Barack Hussein Obama’s” ‘life-background’?

      • The House, recall, was being “led” by Lyin’ Ryan. Do you require further elaboration?

        As for the Senate, John McCain was still alive, which should suffice for that answer. But when you add Jeff the Flake and the Maine delegation, there was no margin for error.

        Too many House Republicans conceded the field in 2018; any GOP freshmen that win in 2020, will almost certainly not be milquetoasts of the Mittens mold.

        As such, I remain optimistic. Bismarck was, I believe, on to something with his quip, however apocryphal, about the Almighty looking out for fools, drunks, and the United States of America.

        The enemy may have the universities, the movie studios, the bright light big cities, and too many news rooms for comfort.

        But what the enemy will never have, what they CAN never have, is the spirit and soul of America. If they never venture beyond their brightly-lit urban enclaves, then how will they ever experience the simple and terrifying awe, of seeing a million stars in a cloudless nocturnal firmament?

        When you are confronted, so quietly, yet so profoundly, by your own transience; when you get some sense of just how big this world is, and just how small man is within it; it humbles you.

        Would you care to show me a humble leftist? Do any such, even exist? I wonder.

        Nay, the quiet civic virtue from the corner of Main and Oak Streets in Anytown, USA, can never be conquered by the clangorous collectivist sin, which reeks from the gilded cesspits of Hollywood and Vine, or Central Park West, or K Street Northwest.

        America will prevail; and as for the purloining politicians, well, Justitia might have been taking a catnap, but she never truly slumbers.

        We’ll be fine; they’ll get their due. Be not afraid.

  3. You know who else would like to see Trump’s tax returns? Every single entity that conducts business in competition with Trump properties.

    For that reason alone, he should tell the Democrats to pound sand.

  4. In deference to Martin Niemoller…

    This idea that you can get into someone’s personal information because you are a political figure.. is wrong… So..

    First they came for the Tea Party, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Tea Partier.
    Then they came for the conservative speakers at colleges, and I did not speak out— because I was not a college speak.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  5. Reminds me of Harry Reid’s slander against Mitt Romney when he accused Romney of not paying taxes for ten years. Since he made the remarks on the floor of the Senate he couldn’t be sued by Romney.

    Of course Romney would have lost anyway since he let himself be a punching bag for the Democratic attack machine. Trump showed how a Republican can win: Hit first and hit often. None of this “high road, no negative campaign crap.”

  6. Trump should just say “This bozo hasn’t paid a penny in taxes in 20 years” and that’s how we play the same games the dems do.

  7. I’m with Mick Mulvaney on this. Congress will never see the returns. There has been no relevant reason attached to the request for the returns. When the courts get hold of a case looking to quash the request, Trump will win. Somewhere along the line. Thank goodnesss for the 4th Amendment.