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Video || Biden Tweets Out an Explanation for His Touchy-Feeliness

“Social norms are changing,” Biden says. Right, you can’t dip your face into the back of women’s heads anymore.

I mean, come on. If this were Trump . . .

21 Responses to Video || Biden Tweets Out an Explanation for His Touchy-Feeliness

  1. Oh, good grief.
    Men never liked anyone fondling their women…hair, shoulders anywhere
    Parents have always been on the lookout for a man who touches their children.
    Old Joe’s full of it.

    What he did is considered a “workplace aggression” or a “physical assault” everywhere but wherever a Dem is, and always has been.

    • He got away with it because he was vice president and the appointee’s wives / appointees themselves worked for the Executive Branch and wanted their jobs. In other words they feared retaliation. Classic sexual harassment.

    • His wife lies too. The keep calling her “Dr. Jill Biden.” On her degree it says “Jill Jacob-Biden.” But hyphenated names turn a lot of people off. Also the liberals imply that she is an MD when they call her “Doctor.” She has an EdD which is a doctorate of education. A person with such a degree should only be called “Doctor” in an academic setting. My source is someone with an EdD.

    • Speaking of academics, I’ve mentioned before that Biden was a classmate of mine in a course on the US Constitution at Syracuse University back in the 1960’s. He was then as he is now: a braggart, obnoxious, interrupting the professor and classmates, rude, arrogant and insufferable. He had a compulsion to talk all the time. Remember the classmate others remember as “”Oh, yea, that one”, because of outrageous behavior in the classroom? That’s was Biden. And, I can tell you, he was by NO means the brightest student in the classroom. Not even close.

  2. ‘Social norms are changing’….what marlarkey! Joe — it was always wrong — always.

    You used your power — just like Bill Clinton on an intern, for example — to get into the personal space of a person.

    That is weird. Plain weird.

    ‘Making connections’ you say ?!?!?!?!?! What the Hell? Grabbing people and doing the creepy stuff you did is terrible.

    And to his VP staff — Come on!!! Not one of you had the guts to say “Mr. VP – I am not sure if you are aware of this but the fondling and caressing and smelling and kissing you do to people — especially children is really creepy. You should stop doing that”

    And the President at the time — Whats-his-name — should have been informed and if so he should have told him to knock it the hell off.

    The swamp creatures are clearly also worthless turds. Someone should have told this clown to stop — I have seen those pictures and videos for years…..

    Geez in 2012 — Mr. Loser-Boy Paul Ryan in a debate should have said to him “For Goodness Sake — You are the Vice President of the United States of America – Stop acting like a damn 3rd grader, knock it off and act like an adult…. This is why you have to vote for Mitt Romney — Because if you don’t and for some reason — and for God’s sake — and I wish no ill will on any President – regardless of party — if something happens to Obama this knucklehead would be your president. Think about there for a minute”… An electoral college landslide for Romney (BTW — Can’t understand how Ryan did not have prep work to not expect some childish crap from baby Joe.)…

    Joe Biden is a creepy dude… whether he comes off as a likable or not — the dude is a weirdo creep.

    8 years as VP… My goodness —

    OK.. Sorry.. all over the place.. but overall. Joe Biden is a weirdo.

    • Romney was a lousy candidate. One of the classic blow-dried, focus grouped to with in an inch of his life types acceptable to the Republican Party Establishment. That’s why he got trounced by an incumbent President who had w/ the worst economy since 1980.

  3. Seems weird Dems have to eliminate a potential candidate by humiliating him. Are they unable to persuade him that his time is over? Do they not have the skills to make it clear he won’t have enough support to win the campaign?

    The stoning of their own is a strange development. What does it signify?

  4. The Secret Service agents assigned to Ole Lunch Bucket Joe had a code word for when he went skinny dipping with females around. “Cobra, cobra, cobra” would be uttered in to their mouthpieces so the gals or anyone else could be spared from seeing Biden. Of course the SOB knew better!