As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez, Professor of History

Oh man, this woman is going to be so much fun.

Only thing is, don’t underestimate her. She has charisma, and her ideas are dangerous, and she has smarter people than she behind her.

History does teach that this is a frightening combination.

18 Responses to Video || Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez, Professor of History

  1. The GOP and conservatives need to stop treating this woman like a joke. They need to treat her as the number one threat to our democracy. They need to refute her idiotic policies one by one in populist terms, not the usual detailed prose that makes peoples eyes glaze over.

    They need to go after her relentlessly. She has the liberal media industrial complex solidly behind her. In 2024 when she is old enough, she will be on that Democratic ticket in some way.

    • She says the most outrage statements, and no one on the right calls her out on them, except to laugh at her.

      She lies and lies, which the MSM dutifully report as though it is truth.

      She is someone to watch very carefully.

    • It’s all funny until it’s President AOC. She scares me. She is attractive, cheerful, well supported, and gets zero push back from those who interview her (much less from the MSM). A fear I have is that the conservatives do to her what the MSM did to Trump and before you know it…POTUS.

      She has to be being courted by every presidential candidate for her support. Her power and influence gets stronger everyday.

      • What I fear is the MSM do to her what they did to Obama(push a charismatic, telegenic pol w/ no record) and then….POTUS

  2. And to further educate this woman – Harry Truman was exempt from the 22nd Amendment so he could have run again in 1952. He had served out more than half of FDRs term and 4 years of his own. There was an exemption for the current incumbent at the time the amendment was proposed.

    As for the New Deal and The Great Society – they FAILED miserably. World War II got us out of the Great Depression, not the New Deal. And look at The Great Scoety – it totally destroyed the Black family and created a permanent underclass dependent on government handouts in the urban areas (where it would be easier to turn out votes for Democrats).

  3. I should clarify – If a President serves out more than half of another’s term, he can only be elected once on his own. Gerry Ford could have been elected (theoretically) in 1976 and 1980 after taking over from Nixon.

  4. Giving her a cute nickname is part of the program – “AOC”, just like we do “JFK” or “LBJ”, people to remember.
    Naïve, poorly educated, arrogant, and yet..she is the darling of the MSM.

    • She’s part of a select group in that regard…JFK, LBJ, FDR…can’t think of any others. Wonder if the Dems ever floated BHO for Obama.

  5. I could use Diplomacy and say she doesn’t have a Clue, but Sorry!, that would be too kind.

    I’ll take a Risk and say she’s got such a Monopoly on stupudity, that she qualifies as a Blockhead. I doubt she could Connect 4 coherent ideas together.

    Even in the Small World of Washington, it can be Trouble when the media treats you like a Mastermind, yet your Cranium is obviously empty.

    And when it’s suddenly Taboo to Say Anything in defiance of such a clearly Bonkers narrative, well, you have to hope that the Aggravation over all this Balderdash makes the 2020 election look like a Blood Bowl for the Democrats.

    Now, then…anyone up for a game of Scrabble? :D