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Republicans Think Trump has a Chance to Gain Black Votes

The press doesn’t cover it much, but President Trump has done extensive outreach to African Americans, including criminal justice reform, grants of clemency, an economy that benefits blacks, and meeting with black leaders willing to shake his hand.

Not to mention Kanye.

He may meet with more African Americans than Barack Obama did.

Trump doesn’t need many black votes to help him win critical states. He just needs some African American voters to like him and vote for him, or enough to not hate him so that they stay home and don’t vote for his opponent.

From the Washington Examiner:

Republicans are confident that President Trump in 2020 can pick up support among black voters and that this overwhelmingly Democratic bloc could even provide Trump the winning edge in key swing states.

“I can give an unqualified ‘yes’ on the idea that the president will be more popular on Election Day with blacks in 2020 than he was in 2016,” said Horace Cooper of Project 21 Black Leadership Network, a conservative public policy group. He pointed to the African-American unemployment rate, which reached a record low in 2018 of 5.9 percent, and the large number of African-Americans who no longer need food stamps under Trump.

African-Americans have reliably voted Democratic since 1948, a trend that is unlikely to change. But a Morning Consult poll taken March 15 shows Trump’s approval rating among blacks sits at 12 percent, four percentage points higher than the eight percent of black Americans who voted for Trump in 2016.

And according to Cooper, a two or three percent shift in the black vote in certain states, such as Wisconsin, Florida and Texas, could make a big difference in the election — though Cooper predicted an increase of four to five percent of the black vote for Trump, which “would put between four and six more states in play that Trump didn’t carry last time.”

Pennsylvania and Michigan are other states with relatively large African-American populations where the vote was about as close as it could be in 2016, with Trump barely winning.

4 Responses to Republicans Think Trump has a Chance to Gain Black Votes

  1. Maybe. Can they give up their decades, generational loyalty to the Dems because their lives are now better or will be better, who knows?
    We know that they were sorely disappointed in the Obama agenda/administration that never did anything for them that they hoped. They adored the Obamas, but as a President, nothing much changed except for the worst.
    IMO, the real surprise will come from the Hispanic community. They are usually conservative, family oriented, religious, and are glad to be working/living in the USA. They might just tip Dem states that are depending on them hoping for more ‘freebies’.

  2. I am always uncomfortable dealing in ‘groups’ but I’ll just do it….

    1. Jewish vote – More for Trump
    2. Black vote – More for Trump
    3. Hispanic vote – established/assimilating folk – More for Trump
    4. Reasonable people that don’t have time for the following:
    a. transgender discussions ad nauseam
    b. Why walls are immoral and don’t work and are wrong
    c. Gender pronouns – what the hell?
    d. stupid stuff coming from the Democrats/media
    5. ‘Merica People — ones that love a guy that stands up for your team — whether he is a jerk or not — he’s ours — not going to apologize for crap we did not do – not going to take crap from other countries — points out right in front of them when they are not doing their part. (e.g., NATO folks not spending % of GDP on defense — and then calling them out in front of their faces)

    There are more…… You folks reading this can add more if you so choose.

    • “Gender pronouns – what the hell?”
      If you live in California you better take this one seriously. If you call a “transgender” by the wrong pronoun you can get a year in jail.