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Democrats Give Up on Impeachment

Looks like they’re stuck with President Trump until at least January 2021.

According to the Washington Post, which reported the following, no doubt with great sadness:

House Democrats conceded Monday that the possibility of impeachment proceedings against President Trump is over, at least for now — marking a dramatic retreat in the wake of the conclusion by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III that Trump’s campaign did not conspire with Russia in the 2016 election.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and members of her leadership team agreed in a Monday night huddle that the caucus needs to stop talking about collusion with Russia because it was distracting from their legislative agenda, according to three people in the meeting or familiar with the discussion.

Notably, two Democrats in the room who brought up concerns about the nationwide focus on their high-profile probes — Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-R.I.) and House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairwoman Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) — are from opposite sides of the caucus: one a liberal, the other from a Trump district. Both argued that the House needs to megaphone pocketbook issues that won them the majority. 

“Based on Barr’s reporting of the Mueller report . . . there’s a sense that there’s less discussion about impeachment,” Cicilline, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said before the leadership meeting. After the huddle, when asked about his comments, he added: “We need to focus on . . . the promises we made during the campaign.”

Yes, please, let’s just discuss the issues! Green New Deal, socialism, from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs, etc.

Then Democrats will have to deal with Trump until January 2025.

4 Responses to Democrats Give Up on Impeachment

  1. IMO, impeachment was never going to happen. It was just a tool, a hammer to use against MrTrump and to keep the voters riled up.
    A Dem disaster – calling Clinton, Obama, Comey, et al to testify about the ill-fated dossier and the FISA court appearances, bringing the Clinton email fiasco out again, and the President’s lawyers releasing all the info he has on the Mueller investigation and all the players.

    Their hope, their dream was to force MrTrump to resign to protect himself and his family.

  2. I agree with srdem–impeachment was never going to happen. Just the smell of impeachment in the air and use of the word “impeachment” about 10,000 times in the corrupt corporate media was all the fanatic Democrats needed. It was all propaganda.

    If I may offer a quote from Mein Kampf: “Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favorable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favorable to its own side. (…) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas. These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward. (…) Every change that is made in the subject of a propagandist message must always emphasize the same conclusion.”

    The fanatic Democrats learned those lessons very well, didn’t they?

  3. It’s a head fake. The Democrats still want him gone, by fair means or foul.

    As do their small-dollar base donors, and their hysterical fat cats (Tom Steyer, et al.)

    They fundraise off this stuff. Ergo, taking their coup off the table now, would be bad for business.

    They’ll feint toward moderation of their aims, but it’s all a sham, and one which, if you’ll pardon my saying so, would take some measure of naivety to accept.

    And Keith, with all due respect, you’ve been around that gods-forsaken town long enough. Don’t tell me that I out-cynic’ed you on this one?

    You really don’t smell a rat here? Why not? Are there deeper machinations at work, of which I’m unaware?

    Throw me a clue here, I’m drowning. ;)

  4. They’re not going to let go of the obstruction angle…with Mueller punting and leaving it up to the AG, the Dems are crying foul that Trump was let off by a political appointee. That will be their new drumbeat.