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What Trump Gets About McCain that Washington and the Media Don’t

President Trump is relentlessly attacking the late Sen. John McCain. Washington and the press are in an uproar!

Look at this from the Washington Post, ground central for anti-Trumpism and conventional wisdom:

President Trump on Wednesday escalated his unrelenting attacks on the late senator from Arizona and former GOP presidential nominee John McCain, who even in death has remained one of Trump’s top targets for abuse as fellow Republicans have repeatedly begged him to stop.

In a five-minute diatribe during an appearance at a General Dynamics tank factory in Lima, Ohio, Trump argued that McCain, a lifelong Pentagon booster and former prisoner of war in Vietnam, “didn’t get the job done” for veterans while also grousing that he did not receive proper gratitude for McCain’s funeral last September.

“I gave him the kind of funeral he wanted, which as president I had to approve,” Trump said inaccurately, an apparent reference to allowing the use of military transport to carry McCain’s body to Washington. “I don’t care about this, I didn’t get a thank-you, that’s okay. We sent him on the way. But I wasn’t a fan of John McCain.” He added, “I have to be honest, I never liked him much. Hasn’t been for me. I’ve really, probably, never will.”

The full-throated repudiation of a deceased and revered member of his party was remarkable even for a president constantly at war with his rivals, and it came amid an outpouring of statements in recent days praising McCain in the face of Trump’s attacks.

Note the part I’ve bolded. The Post is correct in that McCain is deceased. What they don’t understand is that he is not quite a “revered member of his party.”

The Republican base that elected Trump respects McCain’s service. They also recognize that, as moving as McCain’s story is, there are more important things than John McCain. And McCain has repeatedly worked with the left to forward its agenda, whether on immigration or health care.

Far from being “above it all,” McCain showed his personal pique at Trump by voting against ending Obamacare and providing the dossier to prosecutors.

Now who is more irrational, Trump and his supporters, who take McCain’s entire career into account, or Washington insiders and journalists in anoint McCain a saint?

UPDATE: This story was rewritten by the Washington Post.

17 thoughts on “What Trump Gets About McCain that Washington and the Media Don’t”

  1. It is almost obscene to mention HRC in the same sentence with McCain, but they have some similarities. These include volcanic tempers, Olympic class grudge holding, and a firm belief in an entitlement to be POTUS.

  2. There is no call here in AZ to enshrine McCain or to rename something or to erect monuments to him.
    We supported him, believed him and he betrayed everyone.
    He might have been the hero 50 years ago, but he tarnished that honor all by himself.

    1. I started losing respect for McCain when he provided political cover for Bill Clinton the draft dodger to normalize diplomatic relations with Vietnam before they accounted for our MIAs.

      Before someone jumps on me about Trump’s bone spurs don’t forget about Clinton’s trip to Moscow while a student at Oxford and his organizing demonstrations against his country while on foreign soil.

    2. Every election McCain promised a border wall, he lied his way through his campaigns. When he had town halls here in AZ, it was invitation only. Us voters only learned of these town halls when local news reported on them after the fact.

  3. Your article is spot on. While President Trump said inappropriate things about McCain’s prisoner of war status, the issues most annoying to President Trump and others is Senator McCain’s dishonesty as it related to several issues. He intentionally poked an eye at President Trump by voting no on the Obamacare issue just to be spiteful. His aide was actively involved in the Dossier and it is hard to believe that he knew nothing about that. I think President Trump should quit talking about Senator McCain – the damage is done and yes, if there had been more Repulicans in the Senate his one vote would not have been so critical. That being said, this mantra where you can’t say anything bad about decisions by any “revered” politician, a person of faith, gender or race is over the top. Everything simply is not about those issues and everyone who does is not a bad person.

    1. It’s not just McCain. The Republican Establishment i.e. the McConnels and the Ryans, hate Trump.

      They think that somehow that the Republican Party is going to get votes from the illegals they are letting overrun our country. They are deluding themselves. When the next Democratic President gives a blanket amnesty to all illegals we will become a one party country. A socialist, totalitarian one.

  4. McCain is the one who gave us Obama, Cortez, Omar, etc.

    He ran an anemic, pathetic campaign. Failed to get the Republican party Establishment in line to support Sarah Palin, called his opponent “a decent family man who I disagree with.” In a Presidential campaign you go for the jugular and don’t stop.

    The media didn’t give a crap about McCain’s service when he was running for President.

    He is “revered” only by the media. Because he was a “maverick” i.e. he voted with Democrats.

    He also supported these endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Granted Trump has let them continue but at least he’s trying to win them and get us out. He hasn’t bungled the way Obama. Trump eased up on the ROE in Afghanistan and beat Daesh in Iraq/Syria.

  5. Revered and deceased have become synonyms. I’m willing to let McCain lie quietly in his grave, but not if it means I have to listen to others tell glad and fulsome lies about what a great living man he was.

  6. I was happy to vote for McCain for President, and sorely disappointed by his actions afterward. Completely changed my mind about him. RIP, but he was a TERRIBLE candidate for President, treated Palin abominably, and was far to willing to work with Democrats to the detriment of the Republican Party and the country he professed to love. In the end it wasn’t about love of country it was about love of himself. He ended a petty, petty man. :(

      1. A little harsh? Sure. But McCain spent his entire political career kicking people like me in the teeth.

        And I’m supposed to think warm, fuzzy thoughts now that he’s gone? Nope.

        For the first time in my life, I left the top of my ballot blank in 2008. And McCain more than confirmed I was correct in doing so in the years that followed.

        It’s interesting McCain is labeled a war hero … considering how many times he betrayed his allies in our political war.

  7. Anyone who causes Liberals to go crazy like President Trump does, as well as our Governor here in the Bluegrass, Governor Bevin, has to be doing something right in my book.

    McCain seemed to draw the cheers of the Liberals. That causes to pause and, at minimum, be skeptical of people like McCain and Flake and that *ss clown from Tennessee.

    His liberal friends seemed to have abandon him in 2008. He was a great man until they had to vote. And once beaten, he became a “good Republican” and toed the line. And I am sure got invited to all right parties.

    I support President Trump. It did not seem this Republican Senator did. If you are not supporting conservative principles, Mr. McCain, what exactly are you doing?

    MAGA 2020

  8. McCain was a prissy, limp-wristed, spaghetti-spined milquetoast when going up against the Democrats, and a conniving, double-dealing, backstabbing bastard when going up against Republicans.

    And they want to know how we got Donald Trump? John “the blue falcon” McCain, that’s how.

  9. And the President is supposed to merely “shrug his shoulders and move on”? How in the Hell is that possible with the constant barrage of news regarding the Mueller witch hunt that McCain along one of his aids had a role in initiating? Or the innumerable times we’ve heard “Impeach 45!” by Congressional Democrats, along with never-ending demands for business records?

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