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Beto O’Rourke is Running for President

So I guess three terms in Congress and a few years on the El Paso city council qualifie one to be president.

O’Rourke is officially the most annoying candidate in the Democratic field. And let’s face it, that’s a very high bar. Every time he opens his mouth, he is dripping with phoniness. As an editor, I’d definitely offer hardship pay to any reporter forced to cover his campaign.

13 Responses to Beto O’Rourke is Running for President

  1. He should be called by his real name Robert Francis. He is a real light weight. I can not feature him as president trying to deal with foreign policy/leaders. I think he is hoping to be vice president.

  2. I’ pleased to announce that I, SrDem, will be a candidate for the office of POTUS in 2020. My lifelong experience as a taxpayer and involvement in “Get Off My Lawn” movement will allow me to be the President America has been waiting for.
    My slogan for the campaign is “Gimme Your Money and Your Vote, You Won’t Be Sorry” and reflects the dedication I have to keep America safe from crazy Dems and Donald Trump’s racist/homophobic/anti-Semitism/sexist/demented agenda for the country we all love.

    Committee to elect SrDem
    I endorse this message.

  3. “Dripping with phoniness”. I’m sorry. I have to troll a bit. That’s pretty funny to read when there are no comments made here about the documentable lies Trump tells. To touch on a minor example, ask Tim Apple or Marilyn Lockheed for more info.

  4. The scary thing is that Beto pushes all the correct mindless buttons. Living in Texas, I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do if elected as a Senator. His campaign was all about hope/emotions with absolutely NO substance. Despite that, he was *almost* elected. The fact that was have a populace which is willing to respond to feel good rather than to true substance is a frightening thing (well, the fact that Hillary got all the votes SHE got is a frightening thing.). Do not discount the fluff.