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Trump to Pelosi: Thanks for Not Impeaching Me, But Who Cares?

President Trump Wednesday said, in effect, that House Speaker Pelosi could go stuff, somewhere, her suggestion that he shouldn’t be impeached.

Right. There’s nothing to impeach him about. And Pelosi would gladly do so anyway if she thought it would make political sense. But Republicans demonstrated with Bill Clinton that impeachment tend to backfire as a political matter.

2 thoughts on “Trump to Pelosi: Thanks for Not Impeaching Me, But Who Cares?”

  1. Nothing she says will stop the hysterical anti-Trump minions from searching for a crime, any crime, an old crime to attack the President.

    They’ll hold off . For now.

    1. As the Soviet Union’s Secret Police Chief said to Stalin, “Tell me the person you want arrested, and I’ll find the crime to accuse him.” The D’s learned their lesson well.

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