As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || AOC: It’s Sorta Like, You Know, Like, Kinda . . .

This gets a little repetitive after a while, but I guess that’s the point.

This juvenile is running the Democratic Party. One commentator wrote Tuesday that she is the product of our new educational system, which is not an educational system, but an indoctrination factory.

I think that’s probably part of what’s going on here. More AOC’s are being mass-produced as I write this. Maybe your own kids and grandkids.

9 Responses to Video || AOC: It’s Sorta Like, You Know, Like, Kinda . . .

  1. Why her?
    She’s not a “old, White guy” for starters, nor is she a “old, White gal”. She’s not a millionaire, she’s Hispanic, looks good on TV, and has some real dark money behind her that intrigues the MSM.
    The surprising part is that after a college education, she is really not fully informed about anything at all, but the MSM and establishment Dems are promoting her ideas, you know, like free stuff.

  2. Um, like, I’m in charge because I said so. From someone who claims to be educated, it never shows through. If that’s how you end up with a college degree, I’ll pass and save my $.

  3. What will this ‘more equal’ pig look & sound like in 15 years? Porky Pig is more intelligible than Absence Of Cortex. She bought her ‘degree’ obviously without earning it.