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Cheney Lectures Pence Over Trump’s Foreign Policy

Vice President Pence and former Vice President Cheney started one of those usually cordial discussions at one of those retreats for wealthy and connected people — and then actually got into an argument.

According to the Washington Post:

A chummy discussion between Vice President Pence and former vice president Richard B. Cheney quickly turned into a vigorous back-and-forth over President Trump’s foreign policy at a private gathering Saturday, with Cheney comparing the president’s instincts to those of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, according to a transcript obtained by The Washington Post.

At the closed-door retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Sea Island, Ga., Cheney respectfully but repeatedly and firmly pressed Pence on a number of the president’s foreign policy moves. Cheney expressed concerns at such actions as taking a harder line toward U.S. allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and deciding to withdraw troops from Syria during what he fretted was “the middle of a phone call.”

Cheney also worried aloud to Pence that “we’re getting into a situation when our friends and allies around the world that we depend upon are going to lack confidence in us” and then offered a blunt criticism of the current administration’s response to foreign policy challenges.

“I worry that the bottom line of that kind of an approach is we have an administration that looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan,” he said.

It seems like Cheney’s biggest annoyance is that Trump is trying to get our allies to pay for their own defense.

He worried about Trump’s decision to cancel the decades-long U.S. military exercises with South Korea and referenced a recent Bloomberg News report about the president’s directive “to pursue a policy that would insist that the Germans, the Japanese, and the South Koreans pay total cost for our deployments there, plus 50 percent on top of that.” “I don’t know, that sounded like a New York state real estate deal to me,” Cheney quipped.

Well, okay, go ahead and sneer. But Cheney doesn’t get human nature the way Trump does. If people don’t have skin in the game, they don’t care. If we force out allies to pay for their defense, then they are less passive and more active participants. When you have to sacrifice a bit of your wealth for the cause, then the cause becomes stronger.

Quite an insulting turn from the vice president who pushed us into Iraq BY MISTAKE. There was no WMD in Iraq. Oops, sorry.

12 thoughts on “Cheney Lectures Pence Over Trump’s Foreign Policy”

  1. I recall reading that South Korea increased their share. They said no one has asked them before.

    The USA kept NATO afloat. This allowed the European countries to have the money to promote their socialist ideas.

  2. Actually they did find WMD in Iraq. Granted it was mustard gas and sarin nerve agent in artillery shells. But it did show that Sadam Hussein had not completely gotten rid of his WMD as required. All told about 80 tons were found.

    Whether it was worth it is for the historians to decide.

  3. From a foreign policy standpoint, Cheney is a globalist. He thinks the world is better place with the USA as the global cop.
    Trump, and many others think more along the lines that countries should take more responsibility for there own security, and those that want our help should pay for that help.

    1. Hear hear! Let the Western Europeans defend themselves. They are a lost cause anyway since muslim immigration will eliminate them in less than two generations.

      The countries of Eastern Europe are another matter. If they want our help defending themselves from Russia, I have no problem with that. The lived under the boot of Soviet Imperialism for 45 years. They have a right to ask for help. But they should pay for it.

  4. Cheney is a Government Guy……. and not a real world guy. You just have to say to other countries “Look Pal — Wanna stay pals? Then reach into your damn pocket old alligator arms and pay into this deal – We’re tired of carrying your ass…. and we don’t mind telling you that”

    McCain, Cheney, Romney, Bushes, etc.. all are great ‘diplomats’ but diplomats get walked on because they want to make sure they are at the caviar and champagne parties or something…

    Cheney might have talked tough sometimes.. Trump is tough.

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