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AOC Disagrees With Pelosi, Wants to Impeach Trump

Every committee in the House is investigating President Trump. The entire caucus is desperate to impeach him.

But a couple of the sane people in the room – relatively sane people, anyway – understand that this will backfire on Democrats.

But unfortunately for the Democrats, the inmates are running the asylum. And there are a lot more inmates than doctors and nurses, and there’s no medication either.

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Democrats aren’t giving up on attempting to impeach President Trump, even though Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but dismissed it in an interview published Monday.

“I happen to disagree with that take,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y., told the Washington Examiner Monday night, responding to the Pelosi interview. “But you know, she’s the speaker. … I think we’ll see.”

Pelosi told the Washington Post she doesn’t support the House trying to impeach Trump. “He’s just not worth it,” the California Democrat said in the interview.

Pelosi’s comments contradict the views of many House Democrats who are eager to pursue a path to impeachment, either from the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe or new, broad House investigations that will examine Trump’s business dealings and potential conflicts of interest.

6 Responses to AOC Disagrees With Pelosi, Wants to Impeach Trump

  1. The Dems in Congress are going to do nothing until the 2020 election when they hope they take over the Senate, too.
    Even then, it’s probably not a good idea to bring impeachment charges for the crime of personality, being too rich, beating every establishment MSM, Repub, and Dem, and having an agenda opposite to everything the elites support.

    • Take the Senate? Really?

      Outright Communism works that well at the ballot box?

      I certainly HOPE that’s what they think. Because they will get WIPED. OUT. in 2020, if they go there.

      New Yorkers can’t escape from Comrade De Blasio fast enough, Colorado is disenfranchising its own voters without their consent, and California is still being just like California, only more so.

      So, scenario, 2020 election: backlash against AOC & Co. leads to the biggest Congressional bitch-slap in the entire history of the Democrat Party.

      Meanwhile, the net migration from blue states to red ones, coupled with down-ballot success for the GOP in 2020, means more solid red districts for a decade after the census.

      Rosy scenario? Maybe. But Communism is a non-starter for older voters, who will turn up in droves to shout down all the whippersnappers who weren’t even born when the Soviet Union collapsed.

      I sincerely hope the Democrats will be unhinged enough to bet the ranch on record turnout by the slackers-on-the-quad brigades…

  2. Democrats still need independents to win in the general election. Even before the primary season begins, the crazies on the left (many, many House members and a few Senators) have given the Republicans a ton of damaging soundbites for Republican campaign commercials. I am sure that in the primaries, in their haste to out-do each other in their race to the left, they will provide many more such soundbites. It’s hard to see how they will attract enough independents to win. Really, I can’t see how any Democrat is going to win against Trump, even with his flaws.

    • Here’s one example…..interpose clips of Occasional Cortex and the Presidential candidates talking up the Green New Deal with clips of Venezuela today, and conclude with Trump’s statement from the SOTU — “The United States will never be as socialist country”……this stuff practically writes itself. And I’m not a professional. Thank goodness Trump is not afraid to go for the jugular.

  3. Alexandria Ocasio-Commie needs a basic civics lesson: A PRESIDENT CAN ONLY BE REMOVED BY A 2/3 VOTE IN THE SENATE (that’s 67/100 to do the math for her). It is extremely unlikely that the Dims will pick up 14 seats or persuade enough Republicans to vote with them to remove Trump. (Although with McConnell running things you never know).

    “But you know, she’s the speaker. … I think we’ll see.”

    Can you imagine another freshman talking this way about the speaker when the Dims last controlled the house? This just shows how far left they have gone in the last 10 years. Even more than Obama.

    News flash to Pelosi, Hoyer, and the rest of the Democratic Establishment: YOU ARE DINOSAURS AND AOC, OMAR, ET. AL ARE THE METEOR!