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Welcome to the New Democratic Party, Rep. Engel

Rep. Eliot Engel is a New York Jewish Democrat who has been hanging around Congress for a long time. You may recognize him, he always gets to the State of the Union address early so that he can tap the president on the shoulder from the aisle.

He’s a little surprised that the Democrats couldn’t do a simple thing like condemn anti-Semitism. Well, Rep. Engel, if you want to escape identity politics that emphasizes everyone’s particular racial and religious grievance and is basis of Democrats’ agenda and ideology, you’ll have to become a Republican.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Democratic Party, Rep. Engel”

  1. Welcome to Deplorable Club, MrEngel.
    Oh, you didn’t think that Jews/Israel would ever be included into the progressive Dems basket of people to hate? Ha. You probably thought that Christians were the only target for their religion/beliefs, and deserved to be sued, insulted, maligned, whatever harm could be thrown on them.
    Well, now you know the truth.
    Hurts, doesn’t it.

  2. Looks like the Dems are having the same problem as the GOP: party elites who are totally out of touch with the base of the party.

    AOC, Omar, Tlaib, et al are the voices of the up and coming younger Democrats. They are the future of the Democratic party.

    Nancy Pelosi who used to be able to lead the House by the nose can’t even stop a freshman w/ two months in Congress (Omar). It’s funny to watch her and Hoyer flounder around. They really don’t know that their time has passed.

    The GOP has the same problem. McConnell and Ryan thwarted the President’s agenda. We could have had border security and so much more. I think this was done deliberately to take Trump out in 2020. The GOP elites did not expect him to win and view him as an aberration. If they succeed in getting some cookie cutter GOP Establishment type (think Romney or Jeb!) nominated in 2020, their voters will stay home and they will be reduced to permanent minority status.

    If the Dems take power in 2020 you better believe they will pass the radical agenda of the new base. First up – citizenship for illegals which will give millions of new voters to their party. With all these new votes (the Dems will make sure they are spread out all over red states) the GOP will be a permanent minority party and eventually will disappear.

    Unlike Republicans – they will listen to their base.

  3. The joke is that if you want to get Omar and Tlaib to vote against the Green New Deal, just tell them that saving the planet would mean saving Israel, too.

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