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Trump: Democrats are the “Anti-Jewish” Party

This is going to be such a great campaign issue for President Trump.

Democratic totally walked into this by not understanding they could never get an exclusively pro-Jewish or pro-Israel resolution through Congress. Some of them truly don’t understand their own caucus.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump accused Democrats of being the “anti-Jewish party” after the House passed a broad resolution that failed to specifically name Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for alleged anti-Semitic comments and that didn’t solely condemn anti-Semitism. 

“The Democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They’ve become an anti-Jewish party,” Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving to tour areas of Alabama that were devastated by recent tornadoes. “I thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else, if you get an honest answer. 

The president’s comments come after the House overwhelmingly passed a resolution Thursday condemning virtually all forms of hate speech and bigotry as a means of responding to Omar’s remarks, which were made on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Trump: Democrats are the “Anti-Jewish” Party”

  1. Just imagine how the young ones will handle it when there are 100 Muslims in Congress. Then again the USA might not be around then. The famous economist, Thomas Sowell, warned against socialism. He said he was not so sure the USA can resist socialism.

  2. “ as a means of responding to Omar’s remarks” ?

    That’s exactly it.
    That mealy mouthed, multi-paged, crap Resolution on “Hate” is a penetrating look into the gutless wonder the Democrat Party has become.
    When you can’t call “Jew hate” what it is, cause you fear a couple of nobody freshman congresswomen who haven’t quite figured out where the cafeteria is?
    Please, please, tell me again about the power and authenticity of the Democrat Party to lead the country again.

    1. How dare she criticize The One? The Dems will be more outraged over her comments regarding Barry, than about her ignorant, disgusting anti Semite remarks.

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