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Democratic “Anti-Semitism” Resolution Delayed Indefinitely

What a circus. Democrats getting killed by their own commitment to identity politics.

17 thoughts on “Democratic “Anti-Semitism” Resolution Delayed Indefinitely”

  1. They welcomed the kids, praised them, and put them in the public eye. The kids weren’t grateful, they thought praise was owed to them and acted accordingly.
    Anti-semite? sure, why not. Anti-gassy cows and jet planes, right-o. Kill the baby if it’s unwanted – sure, no problem.
    Attack the opposition everywhere -how it’s done. Naïve, immature insanity.

    The Dems have created a party of monsters, hate mongers, and naïve shouters. They lost Ohio, forfeit the vote before the election. Who else have they lost is the question.

  2. Nancy Pelosi may be identifying with Jabez Stone and Tom Walker. Benet and Irving knew a thing or two. Don’t sell your soul (or your party) for personal gain!

    1. Cheer up, Mr. Pibb! Fads die (and she is one.) Remember hula hoops and pet rocks? While her intellectual capabilities are well below those two fads, nevertheless, her popularity is only a fad.

      1. Hey, the more of her the better…her loony ideas and lack of understanding of basic economics is going to lead her party right over a cliff! Every time she opens her mouth, it’s another 2020 campaign commercial for the Republicans.

      2. Yeah, that, but don’t forget that her chief of staff got hit with an FEC complaint for running a million-dollar slush fund.

        Now, if I were a Democrat state legislator in Albany, and if I were worried that a lightweight like AOC was tarnishing my party’s brand, perhaps permanently, then I’d think long and hard about re-drawing the Congressional districts in 2021 in such a way as to force her out of office.

        Being a loudmouthed gadfly wasn’t enough to keep Anthony Wiener in Congress; and if the old hands in New York’s Democrat machine want AOC cashiered, out she’ll go.

        She may well even end up in jail for her campaign finance violations. I can very easily see Democrats using AOC going to jail, as a warning to future young radicals: shut up and listen when you first get to DC, or this could be you.

  3. I liked the story about AOC’s mother moving from New York to Florida due to the high taxes. Her property taxes went down from $10,000 to $600.

  4. They can get away with delaying it indefinitely because the MSM won’t press them on it…in fact, the media will peddle the same excuses we’re hearing from leading Dem lawmakers.

    Anyone hear anything out of Virginia lately regarding their embattled governor, lt. governor or AG?? Of course not…the MSM is letting all the controversies fade away. Same with Jussie Smollett…crickets. If these were Republicans or conservatives, they would have all been forced to resign and run out of town on a rail.

      1. Once the MSM realized that a Republican would become governor once Northam, Fairfax, and Herring resigned their escapades promptly disappeared into a memory hole.

    1. Ha! Good one!

      Which means that on Election Night in 2020, they’ll also have the best ways to drown their sorrows, when PDJT drop-kicks them back into the minority.

  5. And if I may, this isn’t a circus: it’s more like CarnEvil.

    (If you don’t get the reference: it’s an arcade shooter game from 1998. If you’re squeamish, do NOT look for game footage.)

  6. Interesting to see the pecking order:

    Islam > Jews

    Islam > Black Caucus (although I doubt they would be supporting Omar if she looked like some of the CAIR talking heads)

    Islam > “hate, prejudice, bigotry, white supremacy, and anti-Semitism.”

    How the hell did we get here?

    Oh, Bill Clinton, that’s how. He’s the one that let Somali refugees into the U.S.

    Between 1994 and 2016 the U.S. admitted 113,505 Somalis as “refugees.”

    Now, to be fair 44% were admitted under W. No surprise there. He was a puppet of the globalist, open borders neo-cons.

    Obama admitted 43,000 – 38%

    And Omar married her brother in order to immigrate here. Nothing new there. Inter-family marriage is common in muslim countries.
    55% of British Pakistanis marry their first cousins.

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