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Yes, Hillary Did Pull a Fast One

See? I know these Clintons.

Tuesday, I wrote that the press was gobbling up misinformation when it accepted Hillary’s statement “I am not running” as also meaning, as she intended it to seem, that she “WILL not run.”

The Clintons, I noted, are both lawyers and liars, so you have to watch their careful language carefully. To me, it was obvious that she wasn’t ruling out that she might run in the future.

Well it looks like Clinton has recalculated and decided her deception might not be helpful to her. Because later in the day, we had this.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to lose, and nothing to do. And being president is what she always always wanted! Bill first, than Hillary. She ain’t ruling anything out until, I don’t know . . . after Election Day!

Soon, it will be Chelsea’s turn. We may one day live in a world where Clintons are not running for president. But not in our lifetimes, or possibly our children’s.

9 Responses to Yes, Hillary Did Pull a Fast One

  1. Chelsea Clinton has all the charm of train wreck.

    She ain’t goin’ anywhere.

    President Trump, if he does nothing else for the rest of his two terms, will always be remembered and thanked by freedom loving Americans, for killing off the Clintons and the Bush’s, once and for all.

  2. Run, Hillary, run.
    Every time she shows her face or is featured in some news site, we are reminded of why we voted for DJT in 2016.

  3. Delusional Hillary apparently misjudged. She thought if she played coy and hard to get it might start a bandwagon of “Draft Hillary.”

    Instead, America shrugged and moved on immediately, many with a giant sigh of relief.

    Realizing her misjudgment, Hillary realized she had to scramble to stick her foot back in the door. Old and faithful Clinton scribe Maggie Haberman, long known to have carried Clinton water on “teed up” narratives, quickly wrote up the fake tweets to try to help keep Clinton’s bitter hopes alive.

    Hillary has to keep her exploratory committee alive at least through tax season so she can write off her used underwear at $100 a poop-stained pop.

    The person that literally invented the “listening tour” will soon need to pivot to the “not listening tour” to tune out the protests of Dems who want her off the stage and stifled.

    Maybe she can go do a startup. I’m sure there is a big market for someone who can dodge sniper fire, steal White House china, trade uranium and cattle futures with aplomb.

  4. What else does Hillary have to live for?

    I agree that someday it will be Chelsea’s turn or that of a grandchild.

    Money and power.

  5. People are more susceptible to suggestion when confused or disoriented. It affects our ability to reason.

    Clinton method depends on this trusty chaff, confusion and disorienting technique to get people to do what they otherwise would not.

  6. Yes Keith,as an Arkansan I know these Clintons too!
    Also as a retired English teacher, I notice verb tense. Hillary said ” am not” not “will not” running for president. One must parse every word they speak.