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Obama: We Can Save the World if We Train “a Million Baracks and Michelles”

Barack Obama Monday suggested the best way to preserve the future is for the world to duplicate himself and Michelle, again and again and again.

Obama spoke in Winnipeg, Canada. According to the Washington Examiner:

He told a packed arena at Bell MTS Place how he plans to create a “university for social change” that will serve as a hub for young people in the U.S. and around the world who are skeptical of the “old institutions.”

“If we train them — if we give them skills, support, financing, media training, spotlights, then they’re the ones that are going to carry forward the solutions that we so desperately need,” Obama said.

“If we could form a network of those young leaders, not just in the United States, but around the world, then we got something,” he said, adding, “if we can train a million Baracks and Michelles who are running around thinking they can change the world” hope is achievable.

OMG, can you imagine such a world populated by millions of these two? All the lecturing, posturing, and bad decisionmaking?

Dear God, please do not allow science to advance to the point where this is possible.

28 Responses to Obama: We Can Save the World if We Train “a Million Baracks and Michelles”

  1. We already have a million Baracks and Michelles here in the US who seem to think making the world better starts with attacking people who are independent thinkers. Verbal or physical attacks are common against people who support MrTrump’s agenda.

    • Have you noticed that the Democrats never condemn the violence directed at Trump supporters? In fact – they incite it (just ask Maxine Waters) and revel in it.

  2. How many noticed the other day when Sen Feinstein talked to the school kids about the Green New Deal? According to the kids she wasn’t doing enough. It just goes to show the kids are being indoctrinated while they are young.

    Also, Dennis Prager said his generation has ruined the Millennials by telling them they have rights but no responsibilities

    People do not show common sense until they are after 35. Obama’s ego has no boundary. What arrogance!

    • The Millennials learned this attitude from their Bommer parents. At least the Boomers who were part of the counter culture/Movement/hippies. They also acted entitled & irresponsible.

      • Yes- the above mentioned stupid boomers bought the fashionable communist idiocy injected into the 1960s & 70s through drugs, rocknroll,sex, & ‘radicalism’ & given favorable press coverage & ‘guest spots’ on ‘variety shows’ while ‘nonboomer’ boomers we’re sacrificing limb & life against the communists in Vietnam & presented as mass murderers by the same ‘press’. Nothing has changed. We are on into the 3rd generation of this insanity. Ignorance truly is power for the Christ hating communists.

  3. And they say Trump has a big ego? Although he’s entitled to one. Just compare the economy under Trump vs. Barry Hussein’s.

  4. And people think Donald Trump is arrogant and self-absorbed. He could have done so much for young black men when he was President – he was more concerned about hobnobbing with the rich and famous (particularly from Hollywood and music industries). OMG

      • I didn’t vote for him in 2008. However I wasn’t against him from the very beginning. I was really hoping that the first black president would make his first priority the bridging of the racial divide in this country. He had a chance to put the rabble rousing race hustlers like Al Sharpton out of business. Instead he doubled down on identity politics.

        The only thing that holds the Democrats’ coalition together is hatred of the white working class and straight white men.

        • My husband and I were the same. We did not vote for him either time, but we also thought he had a missed opportunity as described in your post.

      • Obama wasn’t kidding, and Trump doesn’t have school children singing his praises in classrooms like Obama did. No is Trump advocating training and sending out millions of personal minions to do his bidding.

    • Like so many politicians, Obama lied, he never wanted to help his fellow blacks. It’s better to keep blacks as slaves to the Democrat Party, that is the only way to keep power.

      • Obama used the Blacks when he could have helped them. Lyndon Johnson did the exact same thing, labeling it the Great Society and the Civil Rights Movement. LBJ turned me from Democrat to Republican.

  5. I believe that moo said this particularly sickening statement several years ago.
    They are so lofty it’s difficult to comprehend.
    Yuk. & again, go away!

  6. “If we train them …”

    And that – right there – is the Totalitarian Left and why they should never be trusted with power again.

  7. Why are you shocked Keith? This is the civilian force of activists (that would be larger than the military) that Obama promised he would lead.

  8. Why is Barry spreading his gospel in Canada? I guess he thinks the whole world waits with bated breath for his words of wisdom. He and the Mooch are so in love with themselves. The thought of thousands of Barry and Mooch clones is terrifying.