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Trump Says Democrats May Have Contributed to Failure of Kim Talks

Well, I doubt it, because I don’t think Kim Jong-un was watching the House Oversight Committee hearings.

But still, the staging of a hearing in which the president was repeatedly attacked while overseas — not to mention at a nuclear summit — shows that for Democrats, partisanship comes before country.

Criticism of any sitting president used to be muted when the president was overseas. Not anymore.

9 thoughts on “Trump Says Democrats May Have Contributed to Failure of Kim Talks”

  1. I agree with the President.
    Their hope was that MrTrump would do something advantageous to them to have a “success” to brag about.
    Our enemies watch and listen carefully to all the ugly Dems attempts to unseat MrTrump and try to use this as a bargaining point.
    DJT has been doing deals his whole life. He knows all the tricks, the twists, the lies and acts accordingly.
    The Cohen testimony: The big takeaway was that MrTrump hired a sneaky, greedy, low-life, rat for his attorney.

  2. “Foreign policy stops at the water’s edge” has been dead since the Dems roasted Nixon over his Vietnam policies from 69-72 and Reagan/Bush.

  3. partisanship comes before country.

    It always has. And if you ever had any doubts before, their actions during the Iraq War should’ve put those to rest for good.

  4. Not so sure about that Keith. NK watches US MSM. They probably figured Trump was weakened, since MAM lies through their teeth making it sound like ‘ohhhh, Trumps going down…’ so they thought Trump would want a deal to bring home, no matter what just to appear as a winner. They were wrong of course.

  5. “Partisanship comes before country.” What are your thoughts about McConnell burying the nomination of moderate Merrick Garland?

    We had to wait a whole year for Scalia’s seat to be filled? Why? Partisanship Before Country.

    I could cite more examples of where this is a pot calling a kettle black, but this one seems best.

  6. Let me ask you first… If I answer your question, does it matter? I’m willing to take the time to write a thoughtful answer when I go home from work, but if your mind is already 100% made up, I’d prefer to do something different.

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