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Video || Barack Obama on How to be a Man

Note that Every charateristic he describes in no way differentiates a man from a woman. And of course he brings President Trump into it, subtly, as the example not to follow.

From an appearance in Oakland last week.

13 Responses to Video || Barack Obama on How to be a Man

  1. 1) Fear the Lord your God
    2) Love and protect your family including provision of food and shelter
    3) Open the door for women, shield them from the curb, step in and support them when they are being taken advantage of or being bullied
    4) Serve your community where God calls you
    5) Take care of yourself
    6) When being accused of mainsplainin’, bite your tongue because you are doing staps 1 – 5 but are talking with Moochelle or her wannabe that want to castrate you and show you how strong they are

  2. “If you are very confident about your sexuality you don’t need to have eight women around you ‘twerkin’.” Has Barry ever seen a rap video? Is he saying Snoop, Fiddy Cent, Jay-Z (whose wife lip-synched the national anthem at his second inauguration), Nas, Tupac, Biggie, et al?