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Trump Gets Played by Kim Jong-un Yet Again

President Trump continues to let a murderous thirty-something dictator wall all over him, at great peril to the United States.

As you are probably aware, Trump came home early from his meeting in Vietnam with Kim Jong-un without any deal.

As I’ve written again and again, Kim Jong-un is not interested in a nuclear agreement. He will never give up his program or his missiles. What interests him is time — the one thing he needs to get his missile delivery capabilities in shape so that he can hold Chicago hostage while doing as he pleases.

Not to mention accidentally pushing a button that blows Chicago up.

Kim came to the negotiating table because he was initially frightened by Trump, thinking he might actually launch a war. The sanctions on North Korea are painful, but Kim has demonstrated time and again that he can tolerate them while transfering the pain on his enslaved citizenry.

What Trump has done with these foolish negotiations and buddy-buddy act with Kim is given the North Korean dictator the time he needs and even, as an added benefit, credibility on the world stage.

A North Korea that can destroy our country is not an acceptable situation. We need to defend ourselves

There are only two possible solutions to the North Korean crisis. One is to not only tighten sanctions further, but to start to sanction China in a serious manner as well, since China can influence North Korea. That would make the Chamber of Commerce unhappy and damage us economically, but it’s well worth it.

The other option is a military strike. It’s a nightmare, but the United States has the right and the obligation to defend itself. These talks have to end, and Trump has to be honest with himself and with Americans about what is at stake — our survival.

22 thoughts on “Trump Gets Played by Kim Jong-un Yet Again”

  1. Nobody plays The Donald.
    What do the NoKos want – money, world trade, respect, and assurances that we won’t support SoKo making a move against them.
    What do we want – peace.
    So far, MrTrump has managed to keep the NoKos from sending threatening messages and missiles to other countries.
    The good people of Asia, especially Japan, and our fellow citizens of Hawaii can rest easier because of MrTrump’s reach out to the Chubby Kid of NoKo.

  2. Keith is 100% wrong on this issue!

    His options, war or a run up to war by sanctioning China is absurd.

    What happens, Keith, if we first strike the North and they retaliate by attacking the South? All out war with a good chance China would get involved too.

    There are two aspects of negotiating with North Korea, the stick and the carrot.

    The stick is the existing sanctions and the threat of harsher to come (as well as massive retaliation if the North tries to strike) and the carrot is the opportunity for North Korea to achieve their aims and calm their concerns and bring some prosperity without nukes as have the vast majority of countries.

    Using Kim through Trump’s personal relationship to make this point to his military leaders is important. Presenting these options clearly is effective diplomacy before initiating the military option.

    As well Keith, do you not know that we would know beforehand the North’s preparation for an unprovoked nuclear attack and knowing that FACT stop it with a military strike.

    No need to rush the process.

    1. AS well, the more pressing nuclear problem is Iran. Does Keith want to first strike there as well? He would have much more support for that position.

      Iran almost daily threatens the U.S. and Israel and most of her neighbors. North Korea theatens only the South and the President’s diplomacy has allowed progress on that front.

      Iran’s mullahs are leaders of a suicidal cult (radical Islam). The North, not so much suicidal.

      A strike against Iran would most likely NOT bring another nuclear armed country to it’s defense, as opposed to China defending North Korea.

      Iran is the much greater threat and better choice for the options espoused by Keith.

  3. My thinking is that Trump sees his need — it is not a capitalist need directly — but he should see what Kim needs in the short term and how Trump can find a way to make that happen.

    I suspect that this process is planned… friend-foe… carrot-stick… etc. knowing that he has to put this together quickly while acting like he has all the time in the world.

    Delicate, no doubt.

    Trump knew I think that the plane flight would be a waste but in the doing of that he showed Kim more about Trump.

    My guess is that Trump does a ‘Third Time is the Charm’ in Hawaii or somewhere else awesome for Kim to see…

    Something will happen… Trump will not let this sit. His ego will not allow it… but he is not ready to make a deal for his ego…. he has to make a GREAT deal… So let’s see… Within 3 months is my prediction.

  4. Keith, I generally support your writings 99.8% of the time.
    I see Trump, the successful business man, considering all parts of the whole. He acts responsibly & has further advancement always in mind. I don’t believe President Trump will put our nation in harms way, he has a safe resolution in mind & will come out ahead with a logical plan to MAGA & keep our Country safe.

  5. Sorry Keith, I, too, think you’re wrong.

    But Trump would have an easier time of things if Russia and China would abide by the UN sanctions against NoKo but they don’t, and the UN does nothing about that., or anything else useful. Trump can’t really go after China about this right now while he’s trying to get a trade deal. If he manages to get something done there, he should have a bit more leverage.

    Patience, Keith. Too early to break out the mourning garb just yet.

  6. srdem65 pointed this out some time ago. Take a look of those advisers close to Kim. They see a threat that their cheese is being moved. They do not want to lose their power and influence. Same applies to Maduro. He is surrounded by the Cuban Generals and criminal thugs.

    RE: Iran. They are active in Venezuela. They want the uranium.

  7. I’m seeing a unanimity in the replies opposing this editorial (not that any of our opinions can change the outcome of this matter).
    I also think that the moves President Trump makes with NoKo are not designed with only NoKo in mind; don’t forget that we’re currently engaged in high-stakes negotionations with our good friend Xi.

    1. I’m with Keith, and am pretty surprised you guys just look past the Otto Warmbier pass Trump gave Kim Jong-Un.

      I only did not bother to post, until now, because I no longer have confidence the participants on this site put the USA before they put Trump.

      Concluding nothing would be accomplished, and my comments would (and probably are) be seen as merely trolling, I opted to not bother.

      So, no. Unanimity is not the case among those in the room.

      1. Regarding the Otto W. Issue, it reminds me of when President Trump stood next to Putin and told the world with a straight face that he did not believe Russia meddled in the 2016 election.
        Did he truly believe what he said? No.
        Did he truly believe Kim knew nothing about Otto W.? No.
        But he said what he said for the sake of political expediency; to say otherwise would have been counterproductive to his goal of establishing a relationship on which to build an agreement.

  8. You’ve got this all wrong. Remember, President Trump is breaking the mold. He believes in dialogue and relationships. Kim LOST his one. He goes back with NOTHING. He learned that one shouldn’t mistake Trump’s kindness for weakness. And, Oh by the way, so did CHINA!!!! He did the right thing. Just like Reagan did.

  9. Thanks everyone. Some of these comments make great points.

    This is not one of those sites that only cheerleads for Trump. There are plenty of places on TV and the web to go for that. I try to give you the truth as I see it. I like Trump. But I love the United States.

    My view is that there is no negotiating with North Korea. All they want is time. Once they get it, our future is in Kim Jong-un’s hands. That is just not an acceptable outcome. We need strong sanctions against China and a credible military threat against North Korea, one we are willing to use. Or our children and grandchildren will suffer worse consequences than whatever comes from such a war.

    It’s a shame previous presidents let it get to this. But that’s what we’ve got.

    1. My earlier comments and objections notwithstanding, I do acknowledge and understand your point about Kim trying to play a game with the timing. And it’s wise to be skeptical and not look at the situation through rose colored glasses.

      I just wouldn’t go so far as to say that Kim played Trump.
      I feel like, in the bigger picture, we got a nice deal with Vietnam and we sent a message to China (as well as to allies in SoKo and Japan, that we’re not going to throw them under the bus). So I don’t see the trip as fruitless.

    2. Thank you for replying to those who disagree with you, I’m one of them. Is President Trump perfect, no, but he’s a hell of a lot better than Clinton (both of them). The fact that no past president took North Korea seriously is not Trump’s fault, but he’s doing the best he can to remedy that.

  10. Well at least Trump tried, I support his walking away from this. What did Clinton and Albright do to rein in the Norks?

  11. If the NorKs don’t agree, the ROK will develop nukes as a deterrent. Little Rocket Man knows if he tries nuclear blackmail he’ll be smoked off the planet.

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