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CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines He Didn’t Get Called On by Trump in Vietnam

Aww. CNN opinion journalist Jim Acosta failed to get called on in Vietnam during President Trump’s press conference and tried to make it an issue of freedom of the press, suggesting Trump was busy calling on foreign journalists instead.

Meantime, more responsible journalists from U.S. outlets did get called on by Trump.

8 thoughts on “CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines He Didn’t Get Called On by Trump in Vietnam”

  1. The frustration at CNN must be consuming. Almost 3 years and MrTrump still is flying around in AF1 despite the best efforts of the Fake News to ground him forever.
    Poor Jimmy, the nasty gadfly of CNN.

  2. Perhaps CNN could save some money and keep Acosta at home since it’s unlikely that Trump will call on him? Not that I think kindly of CNN. I don’t.

    O/T Idle speculation: what if none of the news media paid any attention to Trump’s former lawyer? Would he go quietly to prison or set his hair on fire for attention? Idle speculation …

    1. Did you see Cohen closing statement? He said he regretted ever supporting Trump and he thought the present day supporters would come to regretting supporting him too. He also felt Trump would not allow for a peaceful transfer of power.

      In Cummings’ closing he thanked Cohen for speaking up to help save democracy. He was so full of baloney and I turned him off.

  3. Acosta is an adult who in 2019 is enhancing his career by whining that he didn’t get his turn. What has happened to our nation when such a babyish tactic is not laughed off the stage?

  4. Act like a spoiled brat, get ignored like a spoiled brat.

    It ain’t rocket science.

    Though I have to wonder why the White House Press Office hasn’t rendered him unemployable.

    To wit: “Any media organization that employs Jim Acosta, will have all of its press credentials suspended, until such time as Acosta is fired.”

    I’d say “learn to code, Jimbo,” but then again, programming requires a certain amount of logical thinking, which Mr. Acosta obviously lacks.

  5. Good that the childlike Acosta didn’t get called on. He’s shown his true self many times. I recall when Trump went to Singapore and Acosta literally yelled from the bushes when Trump & Kim Jong-uh were walking outside.

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