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Video || Democratic Congresswoman Compares Border Patrol to Nazis

So are the Democrats going to discipline her?

Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania says border patrol agents have no excuse for “just following orders.”

15 Responses to Video || Democratic Congresswoman Compares Border Patrol to Nazis

  1. Nazis? wow. We had no idea they were executing Mexican nationals and/or illegal aliens here in Arizona.

    Wait. Are ICE agents planning to invade Mexico? Nazis are infamous for their brutal invasions and takeovers of other countries, so…

    It’s a shame that the charge of “Nazi” is thrown about so carelessly when history tells us about the inhumane and vicious things they did to millions of innocent people.

    • Hers is a typical wild-eyed liberal comment. Pick a derogatory term — racist, sexist, Nazi, mentally unstable — and pin it on the individual you disagree with.

  2. Yep, the programming efforts of the cult of the fanatic Lefties are seen in their full glory with Mary Gay Scanlon. The lost-in-the-ozone-layer expression on her face says it all. It’s a sad tale.

    Just be glad she’s not your next door neighbor and you have to listen to her ravings every time she sees you mowing your lawn and feels compelled to come outside and lecture you about why HER method of mowing the lawn is so much better than YOUR method of mowing your lawn. You just know she’s that type.

  3. Ummmm….doesn’t Congress make the orders (sometimes called the law) that these Border Patrol agents are enforcing? If so, can’t she start the process to change the law(s) she finds immoral?