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Trump Moves to Cut Off Funding for Planned Parenthood

Many on the right questioned during the campaign whether Donald Trump would govern as an actual populist conservative.

The influence of Jared and Ivanka appears to have been minimal. Whatever he once was during years past as a businessman in New York City, he seems to be a genuine conservative at this point, and certainly a more conservative president than either of the Bushes.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The Trump administration posted a final rule Friday that would require family planning clinics to be housed in separate buildings from abortion clinics, a move that would cut off Planned Parenthood from some federal funding.

The rule applies to a $286 million-a-year grant, known as Title X, that pays for birth control, testing of sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screenings for 4 million low-income people. It requires the “physical and financial” separation of family planning services and abortion.

Federal funds are not permitted to go toward abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or if a woman’s pregnancy threatens her life. Abortion foes, however, have long fought for rules along the lines of the one advanced Friday because they say allocating federal funds toward clinics such as Planned Parenthood frees up additional funds to provide abortions. The organization receives between $50 million and $60 million from Title X. The rule is likely to be challenged in federal court.

6 thoughts on “Trump Moves to Cut Off Funding for Planned Parenthood”

  1. Shouldn’t they be called “Unplanned Parenthood?” The only time people come to them is when they didn’t want children and didn’t want to be parents.

    1. Not totally true.
      I was low income years ago. I went to Planned Parenthood for annual paps & birth control. I was charged according to my income, proof was required.
      I didn’t especially like walking through the always present protesters, but I did.
      Birth control isn’t abortion. It is a preplanned use of many possible alternatives that have been available to women for decades now.

  2. If PP was truly set up to help women in trying times, they would be advertising and promoting safe birth control, not killing unborn children.
    There are about a dozen different ways to use birth control today, and most of them are safe to use.
    MrTrump has proven himself to be the man we hoped. Thank you, MrPresident.

  3. Trump is actually not a conservative by traditional measures. Neither is he a liberal.
    He is a man on a mission. A man of his word. He laid out a series of goals he wanted to accomplish, and has been working through the list.
    It is a situation that is confounding those that have sat in the towers of power in DC for decades.
    It’s a breath of fresh air…pretty entertaining as well…

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