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Democrats Ready to Smoothly Transition to New Trump Probes

Well, looks like that whole Russia collusion thing that tied up the presidency for the past two years is a bust. Robert Mueller is about to release his report, and while he discovered some dirty laundry rummaging through people’s closets, he apparently has found no illegal behavior committed by President Trump, and no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But Democrats are having too much fun, and they’re not going to let Mueller spoil the party. They will be investigating Trump until the day he leaves office, and then afterward as well.

According to Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal:

There’s been no more reliable regurgitator of fantastical Trump-Russia collusion theories than Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. So when the House Intelligence Committee chairman sits down to describe a “new phase” of the Trump investigation, pay attention. These are the fever swamps into which we will descend after Robert Mueller’s probe.

The collusionists need a “new phase” as signs grow that the special counsel won’t help realize their reveries of a Donald Trump takedown. They had said Mr. Mueller would provide all the answers. Now that it seems they won’t like his answers, Democrats and media insist that any report will likely prove “anticlimactic” and “inconclusive.” “This is merely the end of Chapter 1,” said Renato Mariotti, a CNN legal “analyst.”

Mr. Schiff turned this week to a dependable scribe—the Washington Post’s David Ignatius—to lay out the next chapter of the penny dreadful . . . Mr. Schiff has now dictated to Mr. Ignatius a whole new collusion theory. Forget Carter Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos—whoever. The real Trump-Russia canoodling rests in “Trump’s finances.” The future president was “doing business with Russia” and “seeking Kremlin help.”

So, no apologies. No acknowledgment that Mr. Schiff & Co. for years have pushed fake stories that accused innocent men and women of being Russian agents. No relieved hope that the country might finally put this behind us. Just a smooth transition—using Russia as a hook—into Mr. Trump’s finances. Mueller who?

6 Responses to Democrats Ready to Smoothly Transition to New Trump Probes

  1. The desire to do business in any country (including ours) requires a certain amount of, um, favors to certain people. Bribery is a legitimate income producer in some countries. Here in the USA, the bribe is called “permits” to be bought from the local/state/federal office of beady-eyed employees who are following the edicts of elected officials looking to bankroll their special projects.

    No doubt MrTrump and his organization is/was involved in a lot of, um, favors or permits to facilitate the building of structures here and abroad. No one, no dictator or other government official ever offered MrTrump’s enterprises massive tax breaks, or offered the special considerations that we see passed out today by desperate public officials looking for something to brag about come election time.
    If there was any money or favor passed in a Trump/Russia enterprise, we can be assured it went one way, and one way only – from Trump TO Russian pockets.

    • True. VW makes the Beetle in Puebla, Mexico. They were happy there and decided to build a facility to make engines. They went to the Governor to ask for his blessing. It is customary to pay a bribe for a blessing. The governor ask for such a large amount VW decided to put the plant in Brazil. In the USA the local government would fall all over themselves to get the facilities. (Except for AOC and her crowd in NY.)
      This is also why Mexico & Central America are poor.

      • The beetle is a bad example. Beetles were built in Brazil before they were built in Mexico. The reason for ending production in Mexico is a result of Mexico City’s air quality standards, and regulations requiring taxis to have four doors (Beetles were the most common taxi for decades).
        That does not take away from the bribery culture that thrives in Mexico.