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Kamala Harris’s Dad Condemns Her Use of “Identity Politics”

Papa Harris didn’t like his daughter’s stereotyping the Jamaicans she’s descended from when she proclaimed that, of course, of course, she had smoked pot.

You know, let’s lighten up. NOT LIGHT UP, LIGHTEN UP. She was being playful. Give her a break.

But if her dad is against identity politics, then he does make a point, because Kamala is going to be campaigning on it.

1 thought on “Kamala Harris’s Dad Condemns Her Use of “Identity Politics””

  1. Papa just drove a spear through her identity as a Black woman. Thanks, Papa.

    She’s an odd duck anyway. Reminds me of Colin Kapernick, the footballer, who shamed his White adoptive parents.
    Seems bi-racial people think they can capture the magic that Obama had with the public.

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