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Video || Lara Logan Calls Out the Liberal Media

Lara Logan, formerly of CBS News — it was just announced she left the network months ago — decided to voice her concerns about how liberal the media are and how biased the reporting is.

Logan has long been an intrepid foreign correspondent, diving into war zones to tell us what’s happening. As she noted during Mike Ritland’s “Mike Drop” podcast, she’s probably ruining her career by speaking out. I guess she thinks journalism matters.

As she suggests during the podcast, is it really possible that Donald Trump has done nothing good, or that there is no silver lining to some things for which he can be criticized?

Of course, she’s already under attack from outlets like the Washington Post, which is perhaps the worst liberal offender of all the supposedly neutral outlets. Maybe Fox News will pick her up. Hope so.

5 Responses to Video || Lara Logan Calls Out the Liberal Media

  1. Re: your reference to the WaPo.
    I find it fascinating how newspapers publish articles by their own journalists (NYT, WaPo, etc), under the “Opinion” pages, especially when writing negative Trump comments, which they THEN publish as ‘news’. It’s a great CYA system……and pretension to claim their objective journalism.