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Kamala Harris Can’t Explain Why She Jumped the Gun on Jussie Smollet

Now this is funny. Sen. Kamala Harris gets asked about her own tweet supporting actor Jussis Smollet for his suspicious, and now disproven claim that he was attacked by a couple of vicious Trump supporters at 2 am on a freezing night in Chicago where, you know, you find lots of Trump supporters hanging out.

And she can’t explain her own tweet. Notice how she seems to look around for aides to help her but is left on her own.

The veteran prosecutor and former California attorney general seems quite down with the guilty-until-proven innocent outlook of the Democratic Party, at least when it comes to race and sex crimes.

9 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Can’t Explain Why She Jumped the Gun on Jussie Smollet”

  1. Black, check
    Gay, check
    Anti-Trump, check
    Newsworthy, check
    Female, no
    Illegal alien, no
    She did the best she could to show she’s Down With The Resistance and a supporter of all maligned and abused minorities.
    Now that it seems to be an elaborate hoax, she’s got to find her footsteps to back out carefully.
    Unlike MrTrump who seems to have no hesitation in giving his opinion of everyone and everything, the whole mob of Dem candidates are carefully watching their words because they are now walking in verbal minefields of their own doing.

  2. Saw the question posed and boy did she hem and haw. Not unlike Cory Booker who said we need the investigation to be completed before he says anything more. What a bunch of hypocrites or something like that.

  3. Yes. Her confusion and hemming and hawing around was quite a treat to watch.
    “Now where did I put that nuclear football and what am I supposed to be doing with it again?”

  4. So educated and informed more than a peasant like myself. Yet she can’t keep her mouth shut till all of the facts are known. Just to keep herself relevant and in front if the cameras.

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