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Sherrod Brown Won’t Disagree With Beto on Tearing Down Border Wall

This is where most of the Democrats are going. They are so afraid of their base that they have to agree with lefty former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who smells strongly of insincerity and tells everyone we should be tearing down a portion of the border wall.

Does he actually believe that? Who knows. I think Beto believes what’s good for Beto.

Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, a likely Democratic presidential candidate, is scared to disagree, even while proclaiming that he takes a back seat to no one on border security.

The mob is demanding Democratic leaders, who know better, declare they are in favor of open immigration and socialism. And the Dems are caving to their own mob, for the most part. Sad to see.

7 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown Won’t Disagree With Beto on Tearing Down Border Wall”

  1. It’s obvious we don’t have to tear down the border wall, nor do we need to build more walls to stop illegals from entering our country. They seem to find their way onto our soil by swimming, sneaking through the desert, climbing over existing walls or just building tunnels under the border.
    Then, there’s the coyotes who truck the illegals here.
    What we need is a adherence to our existing immigrations laws, and a plan to deal with current illegal aliens residing here.

  2. Why does the media keep calling him “Beto?” His name is Robert Francis O’Rourke. He has Irish ancestry going back at least two generations! He is not Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, etc.

    If a Republican named Bianchi tried to use the name “Paco” he would be accused of “cultural appropriation, racism, etc etc.

    But we already know about the media double standard. That’s why the blackface, “Coonman,” and sexual assault scandals have blown over in Virginia and the three Democrats involved have been allowed to keep their jobs.

  3. I thought hijacking another’s culture was off limits? This guy is no more Hispanic than I am. It never amazes me to what lengths ppl will go to get elected. Mr. Beto couldn’t win a Senate election, but feels he’s ready to be President? Give me a break and go away. All Dem Presidential candidates are only trying to outdo each other. Sad.

  4. If the border wall isn’t necessary, perhaps Brown should remove the locks of his doors and windows, I’m sure they aren’t necessary either.

  5. The Dems know we need a wall and they count on the Repubs to build it. That way, the Dems can place blame on the other political party while reaping all the benefits of improved security.

  6. Future historians will have a field day trying to explain why and how the current crop of Democrats and their leadership went off the rails. They will try to explain why these Democrats tried to create a “new America” with open borders, destructive economic policies, looking the other way when it came to delivering justice to human traffickers, drug cartels, the crimes of the Clintons et al and their accomplices and the corruption of the leadership of the FBI. These historians will reveal the collaboration of corporate media with these Democrat policies, how media big shots distorted their telling of events and created fake news to please the Democrats. It will be an interesting time for future readers of these revelations.

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