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Klobuchar: Green New Deal Goes Too Far, No College for All

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is betting that there remain sane people in the Democratic Party, saying the Green New Daily is not reachable in ten years — though it’s a good idea to set a grand goal — and that four years of college might not be a great idea for everyone. “I am not for free, four-year college for all,” she said during an appearance on CNN Monday night. If I was a magic genie and could give that to everyone and we could afford it, I would.”

The problem for her is, she’s apparently running against a lot of magic genies, and a lot of Democratic voters believe in genies.

Don’t mistake anything, she’s a liberal Democrat. She shares a lot of the ultimate goals of the sorcerers in the race. But at least she’s not a rank panderer who pretends that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually has the answers.

4 Responses to Klobuchar: Green New Deal Goes Too Far, No College for All

  1. Of course we can afford to offer a free 4-year college education if we pay the college professors the same as we pay our public school teachers, have the students find their own room and board and eliminate the massive sports programs.

    Speaking of the college professors – it’s amazing they aren’t violently opposed to this socialist program. They, more than a lot of us, know what it means when the government takes control of anything.

    Good luck to the lady in her quest to stay relevant in a crowd of clowns and jesters.

  2. So everything else is acceptable – just not 4 years free college? OMG – if just one of the Democrats allegedly running took a stand of normalcy – that would be refreshing. Donald Trump chose not to march to the drums of the status quo and he’s in the White House. I’d say she falls right into the same category as the other clowns and jesters. Isn’t she also the same person who was counseling by Harry Reid about how she treated her staff?