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Live Stream || Trump Announces National Emergency to Get Money for Wall

10 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump Announces National Emergency to Get Money for Wall”

  1. The worst ‘argument’ I’ve heard from Republicans is ‘Oh, the precedent he’s setting is terrible. That means a Democratic President can now do X, Y and Z.”

    You are a fool if you think the only thing stopping a D President from declaring such emergencies – like climate change – is because a Republican President hasn’t already done so.

    That or you slept through the eight years of President Pen and Phone.

    1. The Republicans must have been sleeping as they’ve forgotten all the finagling King Barry did when trying to fund Obamacare…no one in the MSM ever questioned his repeated shuffling of dollars to keep that monstrosity afloat.

      1. They funded Obamacare by a gimmick known as “Budget Reconciliation” which only required a simple majority. If the GOP had any stones they would do the same thing for the Border Protective Screen. But they are in the back pockets of the cheap labor lobby (U.S Chamber of Commerce + High tech industry)

  2. Good news on Breitbart. State legislatures are proposing bills to close the gap of 25 billion dollars we need for the wall.
    Texas proposing 2.5 Billion
    Arizona raising 20 million
    Montana raising 8 million
    W Virginia raising 10 million

    These are just proposals so far but it goes to show that not all politicians are against the wall/barrier/slats/whatever.

    1. It seems as though they’ve been doing that every day since early November 2016. Amazing that more of them aren’t in mental institutions by this time.

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