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Suddenly, Trump has a Crew of New Whipping Boys

The White House has it’s political and PR game revved up and in good shape. It’s gotten some scandals thrown right into its plate, and it won’t get out of attack mode.

President Trump Tuesday called Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s apology for allegedly anti-Semitic remarks “lame,” saying she should resign from Congress or at least her post of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

This follows multiple attacks by Trump on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who advocates the latest possible late-term abortions and who was shocked – shocked, I tell you – to find that someone in blackface and someone in a Ku outfit have been sitting on his medical school yearbook page for three and half decades.

Northam and other scandal-plagued Democratic leaders in Virginia – the attorney admits appearing in blackface and the Lieutenant governor is accused of multiple sexual assaults – plan to be the gifts that keep on giving, refusing in unison to resign.

The press will soon forget about it, of course, because they’re politicians involved are Democrats. But Trump won’t.

And the fun for Republicans with people like Omar is just beginning.

12 Responses to Suddenly, Trump has a Crew of New Whipping Boys

  1. Good for them. Somehow I think some of the Democrats announcing runs for President will have a hard time not saying outlandish things. As for this Omar person, she is truly hate filled.

    One of the things President Trump said at his rally in El Paso was something about the Democrats (and others) needing to get over being angry. I agree and so many of them also need to get a life. Can you imagine working in an office with these people. A family relative commented recently and it had nothing to do with politics – she said when you walk by people it’s as if they have no soul.

    I agree – they are full of anger. Pretty sad if you ask me – and a good deal of the anger simply because someone like Mr. Trump was elected President.

    In addition, virtually everything has become offensive. It just doesn’t stop.

    • I’m guessing that Nancy felt she should have been the first female President and a good deal of her thoughts are about how a certain woman got her turn and lost to Trump.

      It’s weird how Nancy has that little girl voice. It signals nothing good, I have observed.

  2. There aren’t many saints walking the Earth who can point fingers of accusations at others. The Dems set this whole miserable thing in motion when they hoped to destroy MrTrump with past deeds or words, and now it’s come back to not just bite them, but destroy them.
    Probably some poetic justice in that, but it does make for cringe-worthy news for everyone.
    Some might think the President’s pet names for those who have crossed the line is immature or childish, but it serves to remind the voters of who the bad guys/gals are in politics.

    • Old DC politics– A smile in your face and a knife in your back

      Trump DC Politics – In your face

      The Old DC politics group cannot handle that! They are being forced to play Trump’s game – not the other way around… Which is why on this WALL thing I figure that Trump is going to get the WALL one way or another and end up making the other team look like idiots who – for example – put MS13 ahead of citizens, etc.

  3. The GOP and conservatives need to stop treating Cortez, Omar, and Talib as jokes. The GOP has to take these people seriously because they are the future of the Democratic Party. That means developing specific answers to their talking points. It also means good slogans to counter their simplistic sayings like “Green New Deal.” Obama used “Hope and Change.” McCain had nothing that resonated with the people and lost.

    Just mocking them won’t work. They have to be treated as potential presidential candidates and dealt with accordingly. Cortez may be too young but I could see a Kamala Harris-Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib ticket next year.

    • What is worrisome to me is looking at the voters who put these people in office. It appears to me they are going with their feelings and not their common sense if they have any.

      I see a big fight within the Democratic Party. The establishments vs. these newcomers.

      Another bothersome thing is they see Venezuela and see socialism does not work yet can not admit it.

        • Exactly. Just like the Left used to justify Communism by saying “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.”

          Same as the liberals saying that The Great Society programs would have worked but we didn’t spend enough money on them.

      • That is the liberal way. Make decisions based on emotions. The purpose of these social programs is NOT to solve social problems. It is to make liberals feel good about themselves and feel like they are “good people” and “better people” than those mean old conservatives who oppose their boondoggles.

    • Absolutely. People elected them and people stand around them agreeing at every press moment. They have a following and it may be a growing one.