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Poll: Half of Voters Support Southern Border Wall

A new Politico poll shows rising numbers of voters backing President Trump’s call for a border wall, with 47 percent now supportive and 47 percent against.

This is huge political news for Trump. Think about it, half the country backs his key campaign promise, even as the media and all the Democratic candidates bash it relentlessly. You combine that information with a strong economy and the extreme leftism of the Democratic field and you are again looking at Trump wiping out his Democratic opponent in the Midwest and other sensible places.

Trump’s approval rating jumped from 41 to 45 percent in just one week, suggesting he is at leat not losing the war of words on the wall. Also, I think, many voters are recoiling from these Democrats as they announce their plans to run for Chief Commissar of the United States.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Half of Voters Support Southern Border Wall”

  1. Keith, I agree. I think the Dems have severely overplayed their hand and the consequence is that now we the public know (if we didn’t already)exactly what they stand for — and it’s not what most of us stand for.

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