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Washington Post News Article Suggests Northam Deserves a Break

The Washington Post tapped three reporters to write a piece suggesting that even though a photo of a man in blackface next to one in a Klan outfit appeared Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page, he’s not a racist and never was one.

The article, complete with photos of a young Northam surrounded by black people, may very well be a fair piece. My point is simply that the mainstream media would never, never do this for a Republican. And God knows, not for President Trump.

The story includes many passages like this:

An old family friend, Stewart Buckle, left Onancock High School to attend a private white academy created after desegregation in the late 1960s. “There was a feeling that if blacks came into the school system, they were going to lower the quality of the school,” Buckle said.

His friend Ralph stayed, and “I never heard of anything from Ralph or his brother Tom that was derogatory,” Buckle said. “Now, everybody tells an off-color joke about Jews or homosexuals or blacks — that’s just the nature of our society. But I never heard anything like that from them.”

Blacks and whites attended separate churches, led separate social lives. From elementary school through college, Northam went to schools where integration was new, where white children and black children were finding their way through a thicket of conventions and silent antagonisms that had festered for centuries.

The Northams’ neighbors were all white, said Sonda Dawes, who lived next door. In the restaurants in town, she recalled, you never saw black people. Young Ralph worked as a bag boy at the old Meatland grocery store, where people of all races shopped.

Ralph’s father, Wescott Northam, was a judge and a man of few words, but people knew he had a harsh view of racist behavior and would not tolerate epithets, longtime residents said. It was his father who finally told Ralph — during his 2017 campaign for governor — that his great-grandfather and great-great grandfather both owned slaves.

14 Responses to Washington Post News Article Suggests Northam Deserves a Break

  1. “Now, everybody tells an off-color joke about Jews or homosexuals or blacks — that’s just the nature of our society.”

    Plenty of fodder for the SJW twitter mob here. If Northam was a Republican we’d get stuff like:

    “He has a friend that used the phrase ‘off-color.’ His friend is a racist! So he’s a racist too!”

    “His friend said people tell jokes about Jews, blacks, and homosexuals! Where to start? It’s AFRICAN-AMERICAN, not black! Racist! It’s GAY not homosexual! Northam knows someone who hates African-Americans and Gays because he doesn’t use the proper terms these marginalized communities prefer! Since Northam knows this guy, he must be racist and homophobic!”

  2. IMO: It’s not that blackface is racist- it’s a White person pretending to be some
    thing, not someone.
    The thing is the costume. The scarecrow, the monster, the vampire , the clown, etc are things, not people.
    When the Dems smear black makeup over their faces, the message is Black people are a thing.
    There was/is racism in both the South and the North – one was overt, the other not.
    My siblings and I attended public school with Black children, but we didn’t socialize with them after school. We didn’t throw bad names at them, didn’t bully them , but rather ignored them.

    Times have changed somewhat, but that racism is still there and it goes both ways. Blacks can be racists as we’ve seen in some MSM exposes.
    Should he resign – no.

  3. It’s all so tiring. Be consistent with whomever you want to criticize about similar issues but ultimately it is up to the people of Virginia. These people are such hypocrites. Do I think he should resign over it – that’s not my decision. I personally find his position on post delivery abortion more extreme and the actions of the Lt. Governor more serious. It really is getting to the point where people can’t have one single blemish in their past to serve.

    • But anyone with such a background, would likely possess a level of character which would make them reluctant to get into politics.

      Ergo, the only ones who do choose politics, have to be so shameless that they border on psycopathy.

  4. I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying all this. It can only get better for us as we approach the 2020 election.
    – Keep AOC front and center to address our economic and climate control issues
    – Keep Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib front and center for implementing Middle East policies
    – Keep Ralph Northam as Governor to address racial issues
    – Keep Justin Fairfax as Lt Governor to address #MeToo concerns
    – Keep Andrew Cuomo as NY governor to defend helpless children, born or unborn
    We will soon be exposed to even more extreme positions as they fight for the party nomination.

  5. Joy Behar dressed up as an “attractive black woman” in the 1970s. Everyone seems cool with that.

    Jazmine Barnes’ sister saw the “blue eyes” of the white man in the red truck who gunned down her little sister. Police bend over backwards to provide footage that “proves” she just made a mistake.

    They don’t cut us a break. We don’t count. It’s okay to destroy us one by one in the press.

    • It is genicide of the Caucasian race through demographics & the dominance of nonwhite mentality in most commercial techtronic & academic media.

  6. Lucklily for Northam, he’s a Democrat, so the Washington Post will begin protecting him, asking for clemency, peddling the “this isn’t like him” meme, etc.

    If Northam was a Republican, the WP would demand his immediate trial and incarceration, seize his property, publicly humiliate everyone in his family, suggest his ancestors were cruel slave owners and demand that he be paraded in the streets with a sign around his neck that read: “I am a racist”.

  7. Paula Dean was derided and labeled a racist for being a victim of a crime, committed by a black. Liam Neeson had a friend who was raped by a black, he then stated he wanted to kill this black person. It was Paula Dean who suffered for something she said many years earlier. To the Left, the only person who can be racist is a conservative.