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Video || SNL Does Humor-Free Celebration of Leftist Women in Congress

Once, this was a comedy show. Now it’s an occasionally funny, 90-minute left-wing political statement

Apparently, there’s nothing to satirize about the radical leftist women in Congress and their sophomoric yet dangerous proposals to spend trillions of dollars on whatever they fancy.

Little do the “artists” of SNL understand that the socialist platform they are celebrating inevitably leads to the type of government expansion and control over private lives that ultimately destroys artistic freedom.

Wouldn’t they be surprised to learn that it’s conservatives, not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are fighting to protect their right to free expression?

That these women are far more a threat to their First Amendment rights than Donald Trump?

6 Responses to Video || SNL Does Humor-Free Celebration of Leftist Women in Congress

  1. Ouch.
    It’s time for America to come to the aid of the oppressed Dem women who are forced to not only think alike, but dress alike. We thought wearing the pink hats while marching against the elected President was a one-time thing, but the SOTU visuals of the white coats proved otherwise – someone is forcing Dem female citizens to blindly follow instructions of a nefarious person.
    The Arizona Republic, the Phoenix newspaper that endorsed Krysten Sinema, was miffed that SNL identified her as the “crazy Arizona Senator”. ha.

  2. We will become like England where a mum was arrested in front of her kids because she called a guy a guy on social media, not a girl that he was dressed as.
    And Sinema is a crazy kook from Arizona, I know, I live here.

  3. SNL could only be avant-garde for so long; it’s just plain garde these days.

    If they wanted to be actually, you know, funny, they could find good skit material in comparing the immigration policies of Heaven and Hell. One has walls, gates, and very strict entry criteria; the other has, essentially, open borders.

    But then again, that idea doesn’t exactly help the ruling class, now, does it?

    And that’s why it won’t be done.

  4. In socialist i.e. Communist countries a person could be sent to internal exile in a place like Siberia or to the gulag for telling a joke the authorities didn’t approve of.

    In the USSR ALL art had to conform to the standards of “Socialist Realism.” Artistic expression did not exist.