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Video || Cory Booker: Green Deal is Like Going to the Moon, Fighting Nazis

There doesn’t seem to be any filter between Democrats’ brains and mouths these days, the latter far larger than the smaller.

It’s just, hey, whatever crazy idea pops into our head, whatever it costs let’s do it! Or, you know, you lack imagination. You lack dreams.

They seem to have abandoned any notion of common sense and believe Americans will fall for it. They’re making Hillary Clinton look like Calvin Coolidge.

7 Responses to Video || Cory Booker: Green Deal is Like Going to the Moon, Fighting Nazis

  1. The Green Scam, excuse me, Deal is not like going to the Moon, but it is like a true nazi agenda, that we must fight again.
    His statement is so fundamentally ignorant that it astounds those with a basic knowledge of what natural resources it took to get our men and women to fight in WW II and our space program.
    Gunpowder and rocket fuel isn’t made out of fantasy.

  2. What the folks in flyover hear: No planes? are they nuts. NO way am I giving up my car/pickup truck/quad. Windmills on my roof, pfft.
    Seriously – why is this naïve young woman taken seriously by people who certainly should know better? This could be the ultimate that leads to a step by step abolishment of everything that makes America the place we love and other nations envy.

  3. I wish these clowns would stop using World War II and Nazi references when promoting their nonsense…that loon Cortez said her Green Deal is “like our World War II.” Such an insult to our country and the men and women who served.