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Ocasio Cortez: Latinos Can’t be Illegals Because They Descend from Native Americans

Also, “human mobility” is a “right.” Uhh boy.

Listen to her yack on and on. Logic plays no role as the rhetoric just flows.

24 thoughts on “Ocasio Cortez: Latinos Can’t be Illegals Because They Descend from Native Americans”

  1. Harv Sibley, back from the dark side

    I keep replaying in my head the Seinfeld episode where Kramer seeks to buy a full size Cigar store indian….and think about how it would play in today’s market….

    1. Remember there are people behind her who are murmuring “yeah,” and thinking that she’s a bright light intellectually. She was elected by voters. That is why it’s important to observe her and learn about them from her.

      Ignorance pretty quickly replaces informed and I think we are watching it happen right here with Senator Wide Eyes.

  2. I read some of her Green New Deal that she introduced yesterday. She has solved the Immigration problem. If American is made over in her vision no one would want to live there. They would flee to the four corners of the world. She outlined airplane travel would cease in 10 years, she would target cow flatulence, government guaranteed hobs for all, money for people unwilling to work. deficits are not scary, rebuilding every building in the US in 10 years.

    I did some digging to find out who her advisers are. I found that her main adviser is a professor. Here is his background information.

    1. Given her complete ignorance of fair market capitalism and her scant understanding of the US role in international relations, I researched what she studied at her alma mater, Boston University. She majored in international relations and economics. What kind of international relations and economics do they teach at BU, would seem to be a fair question. What recognized economists and economic theories do they promote there?

      I think what defeats her credibility is that she is childish in her world view, clearly over her head in the Congress, doesn’t seem to have an accurate self-perception of how she publicly presents herself, is easily manipulated by the Socialist Democrats in Congress (yes, she is a Democrat Socialist according to write ups about her on the internet).

  3. This woman gives stupidity a bad name. I live the fact she acts like her and her alone control the purse strings of the government. Remember, we are a land of laws. Only she chooses which ones we enforce.

  4. Sounds like racism to me. Latinos are the “superior race.” And their lobby group is National Council of La Raza. Just imagine a group called National Council of The Race that lobbied against illegal immigration.

  5. Perfect example of a Millennial–“the feels” and all that garbage that has been manifesting itself since 2008.

    I wouldn’t wish any serious challenge on that generation. They would probably strike our flags–since this country is so awful to them and has never been great.

  6. I wonder that no one calls Latinos on the cultural appropriation that happens when they speak Spanish.

    If human mobility is a right, I think I’ll mobile myself right into her home and check out what’s in the refrigerator. I don’t see how she could object.

      1. Another contradiction by this woman. She wants to get rid of cars and airplanes which will make people LESS mobile. Unless you’re an illegal.

  7. Humans are not native to this continent, so there are no “Native Americans” and no “indigenous people.” There are only what can be called, “The Preceding Invadors.” It seems they eradicated those cultures they found here when they arrived, and so it goes.

    But don’t dress them up as “Native Americans.”

    1. Yes… a great point… and

      Even the Native Americans took lands from other Native Americans… So… when do you draw the line?

      Also… Spain took what is now the SW of USA from the Native Americas… and in 1821 (?) Mexico took the land from the Spanish and in 1845 the US took that portion of the land from Mexico….

  8. She was created in a CIA lab, programmed with Norm Crosbys brainwave patterns and old Monty Python gags. Set loose upon the unsuspecting dems by Trump and His Legion of Good Guys.

    1. The greatest gift the fanatic Democrats could give the American people is to elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as Speaker of the House. Get rid of Pelosi and put this child in charge. This would quickly destroy the liberal Democrats and ensure that Republicans would control the House for the next 100 years.

  9. That voice! It’s like listening to a high-pitched school girl, chewing bubble gum with her mouth open too wide. She drones on and on and on…nails on a chalkboard effect. Good heavens what happened to informed voters?

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