As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump in All-Out Campaign to Turn Public Against Democrats’ Probes

President Trump is in a battle for his presidency, and he’s waging the fight in the public arena.

The greatest consequence of Democratic control over the House has nothing to do with legislation. It has to do with trying to destroy the Trump presidency, which has been the Democrats’ goal since Election Day 2016.

Trump is well aware that this will involve endless investigations of everything from his businesses and tax returns to discovering how he manages to look like he has lots of hair.

The president has two defenses: His White House legal team, which he has already enhanced, and public opinion. If he can get the public to see overreach on the part of the Democrats, he might convince Nancy Pelosi to put the breaks on some of the probes.

We saw the commencement of the public square strategy during the State of the Union. Trump’s call for bipartisanship and his effort to portray himself as seeking love and cooperation was the sunny half of the strategy. “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation,” he said in the State of the Union.

The other half is bashing his opponents, Trump’s specialty. As we’ve seen, it can be quite effective. Thursday morning, two tweets targeted the man who will be one of his chief nemeses, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Wash.

It’s a plan. It might work. A lot of these Democrats have unappealing personalities and therefore make appealing targets.

And if the Mueller report lacks any evidence of Russia collusion and fails to make very serious allegations against the president, the idea that all of this is frivilous could take root.

13 Responses to Trump in All-Out Campaign to Turn Public Against Democrats’ Probes

  1. I’m sure Mr. Schiff is patiently waiting for the next call From the Russian radio dj’s for more in on the President. Keep him front and center and make him the face of the loony left.

  2. What we’ll see, beginning right now, is the corporate media assuming every word, gesture, “discovery” and rumor peddled by Schiff is the absolute truth. And every defense or response Trump communicates in his defense as a bald face lie.

    My hope is that the average America citizen paying attention is onto the game being played by the Democrat fanatics and is really sick and tired of it. Trump’s poll results will continue to rise, methinks.

  3. Last week I read a poll that asked if the election were to be held today would you vote for Trump. 54% replied they would not vote for him. If that is so why did 76% approve of his SOTU address? This included independents.
    Then again he was not expected to win in 2016.

    • “54% replied they would not vote for him.”

      Which is why we don’t have a national, popular vote.

      See what those percentages are in the swing states – 18 months from now – against a specific opponent.

    • Polls schmolls. After the total lie they were proven to be in 2016, I have no faith in them.
      It comes down to the question of who he is running against.

  4. We hear it all the time – politicians are crooks, liars, and don’t know how anything really works. Voters try to pick the least offensive, or the most clever candidate.
    When MrTrump presented himself for our consideration, we knew, really knew, that he didn’t get rich by being a very nice man, that he was in the trenches of heavy hitting businesses across the world and might have done some things he’s not proud of, but were necessary at the time.
    We’re highly skeptical that the Russians are blackmailing MrTrump or that they are paying him bribes to do …whatever the Dems think the Russians want from our country. The IRS returns -pfft- a billionaire who only signs his name at the bottom of the page and never sees or even understands how the figures got there or what they mean.
    The Dems are floundering about, looking for something, anything to ruin someone who upset their well thought out plans to destroy what we love about our country. We weren’t supposed to go back to work, America isn’t supposed to be the #1 oil producer, and we are meant to be the whipping-boy for all the world, but MrTrump flipped everything.

    Try as they might, there isn’t anything that will cause MrTrump to lose the support of his base that keeps growing.

    • The Dems thought they had the nation all sewn up. Hillary’s win would quiet her and her family and they thought they could nurse this sick woman through a term. She was just their First Vulva President trophy. Meanwhile they would consolidate the use of neutral government entities, such as the FBI, as taxpayer-funded extensions of the Democrat Party.

      Now, they think if they can just keep up the SJW fury until Trump leaves, they will get into the Presidency and get that plan set in place.

  5. “Breaks” versus “Brakes”

    Of course, it’s a frivolous threat that in some cases could be ignored. Didn’t Eric Holder retire under a “Contempt of Congress” sanction – he never appeared, did he?

  6. “Adam Schiff, D-Wash”

    We have enough morons representing us in Washington state without adding him to the mix, thank you. :)

    Adam Smith, D-WA.
    Adam Schiff, D-CA.

  7. Every fanatic Democrat who is demanding investigations of Trump’s life, should be thoroughly investigated themselves. We should know if they themselves are compromised in any way–financially, blackmail, being paid off in some form or manner to continue demanding that Trump be “investigated”. After all, if there are skeletons in their own closets they are desperate to hide, we should know how those skeletons are influencing their politics, shouldn’t we?

  8. I believed that Obama has the right not to show his school records. I believed that Obama has the right to hide other things too —

    I believe that the Un-American hearings of the 1950s was un-American — You have the right to believe communism or socialism or fascism is the greatest thing on earth and you should not have to answer to that either…

    The country is now so whacked that you need a permit for a garage sale or a government official telling you how you can’t do most everything without their approval.

    Trump has the right of privacy. Period.

    The IRS has had the ability to review his tax records to see if he is legal…. absent some news… I am to conclude that he is compliant.