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Joe Biden Once Bragged He Got an Award from Segregationist George Wallace

Doesn’t seem to be any evidence of an award. Anyway, he used to try to associate himself with Wallace, like during the times he was thinking about getting reelected in anti-busing Delaware and winning southern votes during the 1988 presidential election.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been emphasizing his civil rights record as he considers a 2020 White House bid, once praised notorious segregationist George Wallace and later claimed to have received an award from him. 

“I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace — someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn’t pander but would say what the American people know in their gut is right,” Biden told the Philadelphia Enquirer on Oct. 12, 1975, referring to the racist then-Alabama governor. 

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During 1987 fundraising trips across the South for his unsuccessful 1988 presidential bid, he sought to appeal to white voters, telling audiences that he had received an award from Wallace in 1973 and that the segregationist had lauded him as “one of the outstanding young politicians of America.” 

Last week, Biden, who could face at least two African-American opponents in the 2020 race for the presidency, told an audience in Fort Lauderdale this week that “I came out of the civil rights movement.” He has also stressed his closeness to “my buddy” Barack Obama, America’s first black president, who chose him as his vice presidential running mate in 2008 and 2012.

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