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CNN’s John King: Trump Failure to Mention Climate Change in SOTU “a Disgrace”

Sad. I’ve worked with John at the White House and admired his hosting on CNN. Thought he was an honest, objective newsman.

Too bad he lets himself become just another partisan Democrat certain their opinions are facts. I guess he’s been co-opted into the poisonous liberal culture at CNN, which pretends to play it straight, but which has become as bad as MSNBC.

Which makes it worse than MSNBC, which at least doesn’t pretend.

7 Responses to CNN’s John King: Trump Failure to Mention Climate Change in SOTU “a Disgrace”

  1. I used to work as a contractor to NOAA and I can tell you this “global warming” stuff is used to get research grants and push pet theories.

    All of these doomsday scenarios depend on computer models. The results depend on which model you use. For example, look at the “spaghetti models” when a hurricane is forecast. They are not all the same and vary according to the initial conditions and equations used.

    Now it’s called “climate change” because the planet was supposed to be burned to a cinder by now. Guess what John King – the climate is always changing! 20,000 years ago we were in an ice age! In fact if it weren’t for greenhouse gasses life could not exist!

  2. What is a disgrace is the lack of fairness and the whole of the constant attacks on MrTrump and anyone who doesn’t join the melee.
    As for the climate change that is ongoing – if history shows us anything, it’s they way it has always been.
    FYI, it will be freezing tonight in Phoenix, and in the AZ high country snow is falling accompanied by single digit temperatures.
    That is a massive climate change from last July when the median temp was over 100 degrees. Just sayin’.

  3. Keith – John King is a hack…. Now as for you… well… don’t know if it is a journalistic issue or a simple humanistic issue — When you have a video link you need to warn us…

    For God’s sake Keith! At the end of the video — with no time to prepare myself emotionally or otherwise — There is a portion with a talking John Kasich!

    I’m lucky to have survived!