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Politico Suggests Trump May Deserve Credit for Something

Well now hell has truly frozen over.

Of the mainstream outlets, Politico is, of course, liberal, but tend to not be as egregiously biased as outfits like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

This morning, it is actually suggesting — no doubt at the risk of losing readers — that Trump may have done something right.

I mean, the compliment a little bit of the “a broken clock is still accurate twice a day” variety. The publication asserts that Trump’s successes could also become disasters. Still, not a bad day at the office for the mainstream media.

From the piece:

The authoritarian rule of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is in peril. Afghanistan could finally see a peace deal with the Taliban and a drawdown of American troops. North Korea has stopped its nuclear tests — for now. 

President Donald Trump is expected to tout these developments as major foreign policy wins during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, rebutting critics who say Trump’s main role on the international stage has been to bully American allies and further destabilize combustible regions with rash decisions.

But while “win” may be too strong a word — each of these situations is fragile and could portend disaster — even the president’s skeptics are pondering the question: Doesn’t Trump deserve some credit?

Some of these critics grudgingly concede that Trump’s bulldozer mentality has pushed leaders of all political stripes into having difficult conversations they’d long avoided, on everything from the downsides of free trade to whether the international institutions of the post-World War II liberal order need recasting. After all, on these and other fronts that have long troubled U.S. leaders — America’s ongoing presence in Afghanistan, potential long-term involvement in Syria, NATO defense spending, and more — there was little or no movement until Trump took office.

“He’s a disrupter. That is leading to some very healthy debate about what are our goals,” said Ivo Daalder, who served as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to NATO and a frequent Trump critic.

3 thoughts on “Politico Suggests Trump May Deserve Credit for Something”

  1. If you put all the noise aside, reasonable people should be able to acknowledge that things have been disrupted and if truly honest, for good reason. I call it tough love. Used to work with someone who had a daughter who was beyond a handful. I used to ask her how she could deal with it and she said it’s called tough love – I can’t afford not to – her life depends on it. Sometimes you just have to upset the apple cart. For too long we’ve listened to harmonizers, platitudes, false promises – the list is long. We’ve sat back and thought our elected officials would do what’s right for the American people and its legal residents. WRONG. When President Trump was elected, the owners of my husband’s manufacturing company summarized his election and what might be generally as follows – It can’t get any worse for the business owner. Might as well try something different.

    1. …OT, DH & I were quizzed about tough love on our son. People shuddered, not able to think “out of the box”. Consequences were severe but he is now a wonderful man living a happy, sane life.

  2. Quoting someone else:
    In less than two years, Donald Trump has solved Global Warming.
    Seriously, most of us know what is good and what part MrTrump played to make it happen.
    The anti-Trump people seem to focus on tidbits of his personality they don’t approve of.
    That’s OK, we know the truth.

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