As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || State of the Union – February 5, 2019

The speech has concluded. Here’s the video:

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3 Responses to Live Stream || State of the Union – February 5, 2019

  1. *No orator for sure, but he speaks from the heart. Love this guy.
    *What’s with the cafeteria uniforms on the Dem congressional women?
    *The Dems look like they had some sushi from the 7-11 for lunch today. Sour pusses, sore losers.
    *Who wasn’t touched by the redemption of the woman sent to prison for 22 years, and the man who finally was allowed to return to his family?
    *The State of the USA is Great. USA, USA!
    *He called out the baby-killers sitting in the chamber and they looked for all the world to see like the serial killers of the innocent.
    *How they must hate to hear all of the important things that have happened in the last two years, thanks to MrTrump.