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Live Stream || State of the Union – February 5, 2019

The speech has concluded. Here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “Live Stream || State of the Union – February 5, 2019”

  1. *No orator for sure, but he speaks from the heart. Love this guy.
    *What’s with the cafeteria uniforms on the Dem congressional women?
    *The Dems look like they had some sushi from the 7-11 for lunch today. Sour pusses, sore losers.
    *Who wasn’t touched by the redemption of the woman sent to prison for 22 years, and the man who finally was allowed to return to his family?
    *The State of the USA is Great. USA, USA!
    *He called out the baby-killers sitting in the chamber and they looked for all the world to see like the serial killers of the innocent.
    *How they must hate to hear all of the important things that have happened in the last two years, thanks to MrTrump.

      1. Here is the background on the women dressed in white. On several occasions they stood and applauded.

        Sen Kamala Harris was dressed in black. Warren in blue. The Muslim women Rep. from Detroit was in a red/white and blue outfit.

        I watched on C Span because I did not want to hear the talking heads. The address was about an hour and half. The longest was by Clinton in 1995. It was also an hour and half.

        Rick Perry, Sec. of Energy, was the missing Cabinet member.

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